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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Graffiti Festival // Things to do in Houston

Hello everyone! Last weekend after church I went to go see grafitti. There is this graffiti festival thing going on. There are various places around houston where they let/pay (I'm not sure) artists to do graffiti on the walls. So it is legal. The graffiti is seriously amazing., I have absolutely no idea how they can make art like this with a thing of paint in a bottle. I can not even do stuff like this on a piece of paper with the most exact pen/pencil/paint brush. I took a couple pics and I thought you would enjoy seeing them. If you live in houston first tell me, second you should so go see this!

I am pretty sure this is from wonderland. 

The wide view. 

Looking at the weird zipper on the wall. 

I am pretty sure they are watching me.

Everyone one is bueatiful in there own way. 

I love her hair.

This is proably my favorite piece. I love how it is like a girl with a freaking snake around her neck. 

The creepy boxes.

Representation of the city. 

One of the cutest dogs ever. 

They seriously had a machine to paint. #Awesome

Go Houston! If you want to see more stuff around my city tell me in the comments. Also I am so sorry that I missed saturday. I was camping and I didn't have enough time. Have you seen graffiti before? Do you like the look of it? What is your favroite piece? Do you enjoy art?

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