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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

12 Things to Do at Church When Your Bored

As you guys might know I am a christian and I go to church  every  most sundays. Sometimes it can get very boring. Now that I am a middle schooler there is no kids service for me so I have to stay with the adults and watch the pastor person talk about stuff. And I mean hey sometimes the sermons are very interesting. I do love my church. But sometimes it is very very very interesting so I have to find some other things to do. Now my parents are kind of annoying so during church I must do something relating to church. It is very unfair. If you are ever in the same situation I recommend you look over this list of 12 Things to Do at Church When Your Bored.

1. Actually listen to the sermon

True sometimes they talk about how amazing words are and why we should do blah blah blah. But on occasions it is actually very interesting. Now don't just doze off into space listen but actually listen. This is a skill some people have not mastered yet (I definitely haven't). 

2. Take notes about what is being talked about in a journel

I have this journal that I really really like that I always right in during church.  I put down all of the special points and try to make it look good on paper.

3. Draw something from the bible

Draw some pictures. Maybe a cross or heaven. Be creative and be awesome. 

4. Plan out a blog post

This is the perfect time to plan a post (I planned this post at church) . By plan no I do not mean right every single word but if there is going to be a list of some sort right that down and all of the big things for the post.

5. Read the bible or some religious book

I have never actually read the whole bible and I am kind of ashamed of it *hides face*. Anyway during church is the perfect time to start reading the bible. Or if you are into C.S Lewis read one of his christian books. I find them boring but my friend is kind of obsessed. 

6. Listen to music using headphones

I mean hey my parents won't let me but some parents are more lenient. You can listen to some gospel songs or just some soft tunes. Tip don't listen to anything loud like rock and roll. 

7. Go to the restroom

This takes up like 10 minutes and it gives you an excuse to walk around. 

8. Get a drink

A lot of churches including the one that I go to have refreshments that you can get before and during the service. This is perfect because you can move to get the drink and then actually drink it which is fun I guess. Sorry I am trying. 

9. Write in your diary

Tell about what you have done so far that week and think about how bored you are. Write it all in the diary. 

10. Do homework

I know a lot of us don't like doing homework on the weekends but by sunday afternoon you kind of have to do it. Doing it during church is perfect. 

11. Just look around

Notice all of the amazing details about your church. 

12. Plan out your week 

Get one of those agenda planner things and just go through what you will be doing that week and what is do for school and that sort of thing. 

I hope that was helpful to you all! Thanks for reading. :) Should I do more church related post? Maybe what to wear to church? Also if you have any post ideas or posts that you would like me to do please comment down below!


  1. Interesting post. But I'm confused because you mentioned pastor but have images of a rosary and stained glass. Aren't you catholic?

    1. Thanks Grace! So sorry for being confusing. I am not really sure what type of christian I am. I am pretty sure my church is Evangelical though. So not necessarily catholic I just really liked those photos. I do call the person pastor though. Sorry and thanks for commenting!


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