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Saturday, October 8, 2016

Super Cute and Easy Fall Room Decor DIY // Leafs, String, And Washi Tape

Hello everyone! So last saturday I decided to get pretty crafty and actually make something for once in my life *everyone gasps*. I know! I decided to make a super cute decoration that I can string over my bed. In this post I am going to show you how to make it as well.

You will need:
-1 to 3 different colors of washi tape
-Hole Puncher

First you must decide where you are going to string up your creation. I decided to put mine on top of my bed but a desk or a cabinet would also look super adorable. After you have decided where to put it, you have to measure and cut out your string. 

So a lot of people can just buy fake leaves from the store but I did not have any. If you also don't have any fake leaves then it is totally ok. Now just go online and search something like "Fall Leaves Cutout". Once you find some cute leaves you can transfer it to a word document and then print them out. 

I decided to do 3 different patterns but feel free to make your leaves the same. Once you have them printed it is time to cut all of the leaves out. 

Now that you have your leaves the next step is to punch holes into them. I actually don't have one of the singular hole punchers so I just ened up using one made for a binder. Do not laugh! It did end up working. So just punch a hole to the top of all of your leaves. 

You must be very careful though not to rip your leaf if it is small. 

Once you have holes in all of your leaves it is time to string them on your string. 

After you have all of your leaves on I recommend you space them out so that there is about equal room between each leaf. And now it is time to use the washi tape! Cut out a medium sized strip of your first color.

And then fold it around the string after your first leaf. 

If you have 2 colors also do the same with the second color and put it by the first one. I am sorry I am really bad at explaining this. But do that for every leaf untill it look something like this.

After this you are pretty much done and you just have to string it up. 

I might have possibly made my bed just for this picture. 

The last step is just to stand in awe of your creation. 

Personally I think it looks pretty cute.


So how did you like this post? Do you think my DIY looks cute? Are you going to make this? Do you have anything like it in your room? Should I do more Fall DIY posts? What should I make?

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  1. aw this is so cute Nabila ! i need to start decorating my room for fall, i might just use this ;) you should definitely do more fall diys, i'd love to see more room decor :D

    ~ noor

    1. Aww thanks Noor! You totally should do this. I will try to do some more decor in the future. :)


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