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Saturday, October 15, 2016

9 Things To Do On a Rainy Day

Hello everyone! So in the fall (or anytime of the year) sometimes it rains. Then we can't go outside and it just gets kind of boring sitting inside going nothing all day.

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So since I never want you to suffer through that I have decided to give you 9 ideas of activities you can do on a rainy day.

Play in the rain

Ok I am totally contradicting my fisrt statement. Sorry! But if you put on a bathing suit and just dance in the rain it can be really quite fun. At times it can be refreshing. My sisters do this like all the time. But if you are like me and don't really want to do that you can just get an umbrella and go outside. The sound of the water dropping all around you can be really soothing. 

But health warning if it is raining hard or if there is lighting don't go outside. You can literally die. 

Read a nice book

Get a big long book like a Harry Potter book and just read. Find a cozy chair in the back and get so into your book that when you look up your mom is calling you for dinner. This makes time go by incredibly fast. Also I know that I have a tbr list as high as the tallest mountain in the world so like perfect time to crack down on that.

Look at my posts

Sorry self promo but seriously they can be insanely interesting. Well I am mean I hope they are interesting. Are they??? Answer me!

Have a movie marathon with your favroite series

Watch every single movie. From first to last. And when it is raining it is the ideal setting to watch movies. Since it is so dark outside it could be like a movie theatre. Close all the curtain and get some popcorn. Just relax in your paradise. You could watch the harry potter series or the hunger games series. Or pretty much any series you enjoy.

Plan out your outfits for the week

Especially for school. I have always had a dress code at all of the schools that I have gone to but if I didn't I can't imagine how long it would take me to get dressed. I mean it already takes me like an hour to get ready and then with picking out cute clothes it would be extremely interesting. Anyway the solution would be to plan out ahead. And a rainy day would be the perfect day to do that. Just set aside a little space in your closet or desk to lay/hang your clothes. Plus your friends are also proably home bored so this is the perfect time to have a little texting fashion show (aka you send your friend pictures of you in outfits and friend comments on how amazing you look). 

Take a nice long nap

Now some people can just not sleep with the sound of rain. I am one of those people. Though then again I can sleep with nothing expect silence. But some pople actually sleep better with the sound of water. Interesting right? I know. Anyway either being an adult or a kid you proably need your sleep. You don't want to be caught snoozing at work or school.

Get out a board game

Most people have board games or card games at home. It could just be a deck of cards or some nice monopoly. Possibly a game of munchkin or headbands. Personally I love games like that. You can play it with a friend and seriously just have fun. On a cold rainy day playing a game like this is fun and a good way to past time. 

Bake/cook something

There are some seriously delicious recipes out there. You could make some super chocolaty brownies or some sweet and soft cookies. Truly I don't enjoy cooking that much. I have just never been good at it. But when the end result is an amazing dessert, I mean who wouldn't like that?

Draw/take photos/write/make something

What I am trying to say here is be creative. Draw or take photos of the rain drops on your window. Write a poem about the beauty of nature. Use your skills to make an amazing piece of art!

I hope this helped! Comment down below what you do on a rainy day. Should I do more posts like this? Have any post suggestions? What should I do to improve my blog? 

Also I will be posting a birthday haul post soon (maybe tuesday) so watch out for that!


  1. Board games are fun to play with in the rain! I usually love playing Sorry or Apples to Apples-- they're both so much fun!

    xoxo Morning

    1. Yes! I love apples to apples but sadly we do not own it. Thanks for the comment!

  2. Great post! This is especially useful for me because of the horrible British weather in the Winter. For me, reading and writing tend to be the best ways to pass time.
    I really love posts like this so you should definitely do more.
    I'm looking forward to the birthday haul!
    ~Elsie A

    1. Thanks Elsie! Same for me reading and writing are helpful. I will try to do more posts like this. :) My birthday haul post will hopefully be published on

  3. the fact that you said "you could literally die" just made me laugh so hard i scared my older sister lol. xD
    anyways, love the post! :)


    1. Well I mean you can die. I am happy I made you laugh though. :) Thanks Grace!


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