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Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Park // Photoshoot: Leaves, Acorns, Weeds, My feet,

Hey everyone! I have another photoshoot post today. A couple of days ago I was inspired to go take some pictures of the park. It was around 6:00pm and the lighting was perfect. I hope you enjoy the photos!

Me starting my journey to the park. 

This the bench that is by the entrance. 

My shadow. 

   A trash can.

There are actually some of these plants in my backyard but I found it on the ground at the park. 

Some weed like plant. 

Acorns are so fun to take pictures of!

To take this I actually put my camera on the ground. I think it turned out really well. 

 Majestic dying acorn. 

Picnic table. 

This seriously makes me mad. I really really really hate when people litter. It is just wrong. Plus there is kind of a trash can about 20 feet away from you. Just put it in the trash!

More of my shadow. 

 These things seriously hurt. I think it is a seed of some kind. 

There are a lot of mushrooms. 

The mushroom is so bright and white!

There were three of them in this cute v shape. 

I actually quite like this photo. 

I am like so proud of this photo. I love everything about it. The angle, the lighting, the thing. I love it. Do you guys like it?

Go donating stuff!

More people littering. Like for reals? STOP!

Smoking is absolutelly horrible. It will kill you. 

The drainage thing pretty much permanently looks like this. It is always wet. 

Yes I did take this while standing in the middle of the rode. 

This is a little glimpse of the current sate of my backyard. 

 For BIBCP this time the category was weeds. That is actually the real reason I went to the park. Here is the photo I am entering.

I got this while I was taking some pictures of the weeds at the park and I just thought my feet would be a cool addition and whatevere this is was born. 

So how do you guys like the photos I took? Which one is your favroite? Should I do more photography posts? 

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  1. "majestic dying acorn" naBILA IM DEAD OKAY. i actually sorta choked on water while reading that ooPS.

    anyway, love the photos! :)


    1. So did I kill you? Are you OK? I am taking that as that you thought my writing was funny. Thanks!

  2. These are all wonderful photos! They're so perfect for autumn ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Oh thanks Amy! Yeah I really think they fit with the season. :)


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