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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Photo Diary // Modern Bollywood Cinderella

Guess what I did on Sunday?? Can you guess? From the title? Maybe? OK I will tell you. I went to Bollywood Bast at the Miller Outdoor Theater! For those who don't know Bollywood is an Indian style of movies/plays where everything is very dramatic and they dance a lot. The cloths are very bright and there is music and super cool tricks. I have never gone to the event before but it is an annual thing. This time they were doing a Bollywood Cinderella. It was extremely awesome. And what made it even better is that it was free to watch.

We had a little picnic. 

I love feta and tomatoes so I ate mostly that with chips. 

My little sisters shoes. 

Vs my shoes. 

 The show is starting!

Little Ella. 

 And her father.

 It is so bright!

 Go fireworks!

This person was so amazing.

Can you imagine how much upper body strength you have to have to do this?

Literally holding on with only her legs.

She is holding on with one foot. I think she might be flying. Maybe she is a fairy. 

Only her toes. 

 Hand stand!

Back to dancing now. 


I think we met our prince. 

Grown Ella dancing. 

She is dying of sorow since she can't go to the party. 


I think our little princess might be dreaming of dancing with her prince. 

How is this even humanly possible???? The person is holding herself up with probably just a soft rope thing. 

So amazing!

They must get so hot in those outfits dancing for like an hour straight. 

I also took some videos if you want to watch. 

Oh my gosh the fairy godmother was like the best thing ever. 

And that is all for today. I hope you liked my post! Which photo was your favroite? Should I take more videos? Should I do more photo diaries? Have you ever seen a Bollywood movie? Have you ever seen Bollywood live?

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  1. Bollywood Cinderella sounds super cool! I'd love to go and see it!

    xoxo Morning


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