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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Guest Post: Why Kaftans Are Your Ultimate Resort Choice

Yep. I have another guest post today (be quite I will have a post soon actually written by me)! This time from the amazing Kathryn Porritt who is the Co-Founder of Bondi Lifestyle. It is a super cool beach online fashion shop. They sell stuff like kaftans, dresses, and tunics. Honestly I think there cloths are adorable and very beach worthy. Here is her post!

"Kaftans are your ultimate vacation style choice

They’re everywhere right now – all of the famous set are wearing them, the glitterati are relaxing on the beach wearing them, the most stylish women in the world are wearing them to parties on yachts in the Mediterranean.  They’re flattering, they’re chic and they’re so very now.  They’re kaftans and they’re our ultimate vacation style choice.
Displaying Beach Kaftan.jpg

Kaftans of Style

Kaftans have really come of age over the past few years, and for good reason.  No longer a hippie throwback to the 1970s, today’s kaftans bring the elegance of the past to now with lots of additional detailing.  Kaftans are generally cut in a square or rectangle shape and they are relaxed and from the shoulder with batwing sleeves, deep v-necks and come in many lengths from short and midi to maxi cuts.  The materials are usually cotton and linen for day and silk or satin for night.
Displaying Blue Feather Kaftan 2.jpg
Today’s kaftans are embellished with loads of detail.  The best kaftans are embroidered cotton to give that Indie-Boho-Chic look or masses of colour and swirls of patterns with clashing embellishments in sequins and jewels for night.  Go as bold as you dare!
What makes the kaftan so phenomenal is that no matter your shape or size, they are flattering.  They never cling and they never pinch – they fall perfectly and can be styled to give you shape with a sash or belt, or be left to hang beautifully perhaps with a shoulder revealed as they slide to the side.
Displaying Lucy-Diamond-Maxi-Kaftan-008.jpg

How to wear a kaftan

Beach kaftans are the perfect choice for a beach cover up. The classic style of a cotton or linen kaftan for the beach means you’ll feel cool and relaxed for a hot summer’s day, as well as stylish and right on-trend.  For the beach, wear your kaftan like you would a beach tunic or shirt cover up.  Pop over your swimsuit or bikini to give you coverage from the beating sun, and add some leather sandals or flip flops.  For a boho look, stack wooden bangles and beads with a few beach braids, and you have a look that the famous set are all sporting right now on their beach vacations.
Displaying Leopard-Queen-Kaftan-100cm-008.jpg
For evening, a silk maxi kaftan is the trick.  Select a bold printed maxi kaftan that suits your personality perfectly. The brighter and more embellished the better! To wear to a beach wedding, dinner date or evening event, add metallic sandals, long dangling earrings and as many necklaces as you like.  The bolder and richer the better – don’t skimp on the amount of accessories you wear.  That Bianca Jagger look is all about richness and flair.
Displaying Teal-Pearl-Garden-Maxi-Kaftan-Blue-003.jpg

Kaftans in the City

Even after your beach vacation, getting the most out of your kaftan is a breeze.  Wear your shorter kaftan just like you would a midi dress or tunic.  We adore that weekend look of blue jeans with a kaftan over top, layered with a boho vest for the cooler months, and leggings and sandals for the warmer months.  You can make your kaftan look beautiful for lunch with girlfriends, shopping with the family and relaxing at home.  A versatile and very on-trend piece for your vacation and weekends, it’s no wonder those in the know are styling them right now!
Displaying Teal-Pearl-Garden-Maxi-Kaftan-Red-003.jpg

By Kathryn Porritt
Kathryn Porritt is the owner of Bondi Lifestyle, your beach fashion online shop filled with a curated collection of kaftans, beach dresses and tunics to buy online inspired by Australia’s most famous beach, Bondi Beach in Sydney. A celebrated author and an experienced stylist, Kathryn’s unique feminine beach style is brought to her customers through her beautiful online beach fashion collections that are shipped worldwide from Australia."

Did you like her post? I definitely did. The Kaftans are just so cute! I love them. Haha. Make sure to go check out Bondi Lifestyle.  Also make sure to go check out the contest I am having here. It's a super easy 6 word contest. If you enjoyed this post and my other posts on this blog make sure to follow for more cool content!


  1. Wow, I've never heard of this before.

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. Before I read the post neither did I to tell you the truth. I think they are so cute though!

  2. Ooh! Kaftans are coming back! I love your new design btw!

    - Edie


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