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Saturday, September 17, 2016

3 Super Cute and Easy Back to School DIY's // Emoji Binder Deviders, Notebook Cover + More

As you guys all know school is back in session! Really not the best thing ever, but something fun that you can do in this interesting time is decorate all of your school supplies (you can see all of my supplies here)!  Truly though I am kind of horrible at making stuff. Like in general. Just nothing ever works. But I still wanted to make my school supplies unique and cute.  If you are in the same situation as I am you will love these 3 super cute DIY's.

Duck tape Notebook Cover

So this first one is super easy. But I think it is still good to do. I mean which of these notebooks do you like better?

Hopefully you said the one on the bottom. 

You will need:

-1 notebook
-Some cute duck tape

Pretty much all you have to do is put the duck tape on the cover of the notebook. I recommend going from top to bottom and the you can wrap the tape around the front part of the cover. Like this.

I decided to just leave the back cover of my notebook blank but you guys can also do the back if you want. 

Then if you want you can also make a little title for your notebook. Just get a piece of paper and cut it to your liking. After that you can write the name of the subject your notebook is going to be used for. Like science or math. Then you just have to tape and or glue the piece of paper to your notebook.

 It should proably look something like this when you are done.

 Washi Tape Binder Cover

Again this will be a cover using tape but different types. 

You will need:

-washi tape

With my washi tape I decided to go with a striped pattern all along my binder. You can do this or some other design is you like. 

All you have to do is lay the strips of washi tape along the binder in whatever design that you want. 

For the title you can just cut a piece of paper and then write the subject you will be using the binder for. 

Then you can tape it to your binder with regular tape.

As a border for your title you can then put some washi tape around it. Do you like how mine turned out?

Emoji Binder Dividers

I saw this on YouTube and instantly feel in love. Binder dividers are super useful if you want to stay organized. 

You will need:

-Same way to print
-Different colored construction paper
-A binder

First of all we need to print out some cute little emoji's. You can find these everywhere online. I just decided to google image search it. I went with 5 face emoji's. 

After you have printed the emoji's the next step if to cut them out.

And then just admire how cute they are.

After admiring your emoji's you should put the name of your tab on the front and back of the emoji. 

Then you can glue your first emoji to the top of your first piece of construction paper. 

It should look something like this.

After that you can do that with the rest of your paper and emoji's. Make sure that none of the emoji's overlap. Then it should look like this.

It is so cute! Right? We are almost done. After this all you have to do is punch holes into your paper since we will be putting it into a binder. 

Then put the dividers in your binder and admire your super cute creation. 

Here is a little infographic summery thing of the dividers. 


So how did you like my diy's? Did you make any of them? Should I do more diy posts? Which diy is your favorite? Do you like diy's and making stuff? 


  1. These are all really cute! Thank you for sharing ♥
    Amy xx

    Little Moon Dragon

    1. Oh thanks Amy! I am so happy that you think so. Any time. :)

  2. These are so cute! I am going to try them on my school stuff. :)

    1. Thanks! You totally should! If you do end up trying any of these I would love for you to send me some pics. :)


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