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Saturday, September 24, 2016

26 Reasons Why All Teens/Tweens Need a Phone

Now you guys might not know but I actually don't have a phone. I am in middle school though. I have wanted a phone for a long time. I'm pretty sure I was promised one at the beginning of the summer. I still don't have one. Now this post is not suposed to be me complaining or anything I just thought it would be cool and funny (also it might convince my parents to get me a phone, who knows). Also if you want a phone but your parents won't get you one feel free to use any of these excuses that might apply to you.

1. We are in middle/high school now. That is a very very big deal.

2. Some people walk home from school (hint hint me) and so we need to tell our parents where we are and how long we are going to be.

3. So that you can tell your parents where you am.
4. To ask parents if you can stay at school for a certain amount of time. If said teen did not have a phone and they needed to stay after school the parent would get worried and everything would be exceptionally complicated.
5. So that said teen can ask parents if they can go somewhere.
6. To ask parents where parents are if said teen and parent get separated. It is hard to try to find someone in a crowd.

7. To call parents and ask them a question.
8. To talk to friends so that said teen doesn't have to use said parents phone.
9. Almost all tweens/teens have phones.
10. To research stuff for school.

11. If said teen gets lost said teen can just look up where said teen is on a phone. No more lost teen.
12. To keep track of homework. No one wants to turn in a report late.
13. So that when said teen forgets her camera said teen doesn't have to use her parents phone.

14.  It will not get lost or broken. For parents who are scared your kid is going to break the phone. THINK AGAIN! Phones are precious things that people take care of.
15. It doesn't actually cost that much. If a parent already has a plan is doesn't cost that much to add another one.

16. It makes kids feel more mature which them makes them act more mature. Logic people logic.
17. So that when said teen gets kidnapped by evil masterminds said teen can secretly call the police and not die. Go not dying!
18. Or when said teen is lost said teen can call someone.
19. Or maybe if said teen suddenly burst into flames they can call someone to help.

20. There aren't any more pay phones believe it or not. Teens need a personal phone.

21. So that when it is raining said teen can get parent to pick said teen up from school.

22. When the said teen gets bored and said parent wants teen to shut up said parent can just let said teen play on said phone and everyone will be happy.
23. It is a good thing to remind people since there is calender's and stuff. This will keep kids more organized.

24. It makes people feel connected.
25. It makes teens feel like outsiders since almost everyone else has a phone.
26. It makes everyone feel safer and less scared.

So did you guys like that? If you couldn't guess I kind of really want a phone. I think once people get my age (aka tween to teen age) and there families actually have enough money to buy a phone that they should get one. People have seriously asked for my phone number at school and I have had to tell them that I don't have a phone.  It is awkward OK. Or when teachers are "you can use your phone to research this" and then everyone pulls out there phones but I don't have one. Again awkward and annoying. 

Do you have a phone? Do you like it? How do you recommend I convince my parents to get me a phone? If I do end up getting a phone which type should I get? Do you think I should have a phone?


  1. I like the- if said teen does blah blah blah type stuff. XD

  2. This is a really interesting post, Nabila! I don't have a phone (or believe in them until I'm 16) and I'm pretty proud of it, but it was really cool to read your thoughts. :)

    1. Thanks Grace! I guess we all have different thoughts and opinions. :)

    2. Yep! It was really neat to read your thoughts, though. :)

  3. Awesome Reasons Nabila!I don't have a phone either so I will definitely be using them!

    ~ Bubbles

  4. I don't have a phone either! The only people in my school who don't have phones are me and one of my friends. My mom says not until college... Oh well. They only thing I would do is play Pokemon GO xD

    1. College. Interesting. I would proably play Pokemon go and contact my friends and do stuff like that.

  5. A lot of these reasons were pretty legit, though.

    Aww, I think you should have your own phone. I was born in 1999 and got my first phone when I was *whispers in ear* 9. I feel a little bad about it because I kept complaining to my Dad that everyone my age has a phone (turned out it wasn't EVERYONE also my excuse was I didn't have a DS). However, I've only on my fifth phone now. That has to be decent... right?

    Tell your parents that smartphones... make you smarter.

    It depends what type of smartphone would suit you. I like Sony more than Samsung now. I feel like a traitor xD you might prefer the iPhone but I think they're over priced and I don't like how the icons look .-.

    1. Yes! Someone agrees with me! Hmmmmm.... I keep complaining and it is not really working. Yeah I think a 5th phone and being like an adult (I think you are in college) is pretty good.

      Ok smartphones definitely make you smarter. This is a true statement. Haha.

      Yeah I have no idea what type of smartphone I would like. The iphones are prettier but I might like a samsung better. Aka I have no idea.

    2. I am in college ^^ (but not proper college kinda like pre university because I didn't do that well but hopefully I'll attend college next year!).

      You're about 11 and in middle school. Are you incredibly smart for your age? You seem as if you'll grow up to be a genius. And because you'll be a future genius, you must obtain a shiny new phone.

    3. I hope you succeed in going to college next year. :) Well I would like to think of myself as smart but sometimes my smartness fails me (aka I am not that smart). Oh yay. This makes me happy. Someone thinks I will be a genius. I totally agree! All genius need phones to succeed. Haha.

  6. Hi Nabila!
    Your thoughts are....interesting. :) I don't have a phone yet, nor do I intend to get one for a while. Personally I don't think young kids need a phone, but I can see why one might come in handy for you since you walk to school (do you walk by yourself?) and go to school. Your parents could get you a prepaid cell phone. It makes a call and is cheaper than a smartphone. :)
    Ashley I hope you check out my shop. :)

    1. Hey Ashley! Yeah when I am walking home it would/is useful. Well one of my friends moms drives me to school but I walk home with either my friend or just me. Thanks for the comment!


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