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Saturday, January 30, 2016

Triple Shine I Sally Hanson: Nail Polish Review

I have never really done a review before that hasn't been of movies or books so I thought I would do one. I acually got these from my grandmother for christmas.

Oyster Bar-Silver

This one looked also most metallic and no joke while I was wearing one of my freinds asked if I had colored my nails with a silver sharpie. 

Wavy Blue- Blue

This very sparkly and dark blue. 

Haynautical-Light blue

This one is a much light blue and personally I would wear it on top of something more as a sparkle then a main color. 


I really love these colors! They are all of course shiny as you can tell my the name and do it well. They are very protective and stay on for a long time.  I really like this because I may have this habbit of sucking and or picking my nails so my nails always look horrible but these really help! Another feature that I like about these nail polishes is that is has a protective cap around the regular one. This means that is less chances of spilling it all over the place with is really bad and messy.  


  1. All these colors are gorgeous! I love the silvery one the best, it's so pretty ahh <3


  2. Those colours would look so nice together :)


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