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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Nerf Rebel Guardian Crossbow: Review

My nail polish interview inspired me to do another one. I got the crossbow again from christmas and it is my favorite present I got.

I look awesome right?

not mine

To say the least I really love this crossbow. I got a bow last year and though it looks cool it does not have very good accuracy or length. But this one has it all. It has very good accuracy and go over 20 feet. There is also quite a bit of power behind the bullets and it can hurt a little. I also really love the design. It is a wing overlay with another wing. The bullets are also unique and really cute. Though if you are as careless as me I recommend if you get this getting extra bullets because I seem to loose one each time I use it. Another reason I really like this is because it has an automatic reloading system so you can shoot 6 arrows in a row without reloading. 

Now I just need the Nerf Rebel Blaster and I will have the whole set! 

You can find it here

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