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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Bye Bye January, Hello Febuary

Yep today is the last day in January.  That means....

  • It is the end of the first month in the year
  • I have 30 weeks until STARR
  • Five months until summer! 
  • Valentine's Day is coming up! 

Goals for february:

-Possibly start reading the last Harry Potter book
-Do at least 3 reviews
-Make a DIY
-Do a recipe post
-Do this type of post for march


I really love this black and white thing and of course for pretty much every winter, boots! 

not mine

Post Popular Post


 I did a review on The Grimm Warning here


I seriously can not get Taylor Swift's "Shake it off" out of my head! 

For some reason I could not get the official video. 

What I did in January

-Went to 2 birthday parties (it seems like all of my freinds birthdays are in January!)
-Took a middle school test
-Went to a New Year's Eve party

What have you been doing in January? 


  1. Wow, first month of January already over! January was kind of slow for me, I was getting used to the new year. But I think February is going to be great :D Lovely post, those boots are so cute!


    1. Thanks. Those boots are really cute! Hope february's good for you!


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