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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Interview with Zelus

I was going through my emails today and it seems that I interviewed Zelus in October and never actually made the post on it. So that is what I am going to do in this post.

What is your name? -Zelus (my blog name, not going to share my real name sorry!)
What are your favorite activities? -blogging, watching movies, playing football (soccer), playing piano, listening to music, singing.... I have quite a lot of favourites!
What is your favorite color? -Blue and Green. Red too haha.
What is one thing most people don't know about you? I blog (Maybe a lot of people know that without me knowing).
Favorite book? Protector of the Small series.
How old are you? 2k kid, do your maths :)
what is your dream job? When I was much younger I wanted to be a teacher, but now I'm not sure. Maybe something that brings smiles to people's faces, or business-y.
What is the meaning behind your blog name? Hope is an important thing for me, and pencil equals writing which is what I do on my blog, so myhopefulpencil it became!
Favorite movie? Right now it's a Taiwan movies that was recently released, called 《我的少女时代》{Our Times}. I've written some posts about it.
What is your inspiration? My inspiration is... you mean for my writing? My life, I guess. 
What is your blog name? My Hopeful Pencil
What is your blog url?

Make sure to check out her blog.

My Hopeful Pencil
       Her blog button

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