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Monday, December 7, 2015

Hindue Temple

You're probably wondering where those pictures are from and I am glad to tell you. Or I guess you already know because of the title but whatever I'm still going to tell you.  They are from a Hindu temple I went to on saturday.  The temple was amazing and it always opened to the public.  If you did not know Hinduism is a religion practiced a lot in India. You would never have guessed that this temple was in the middle of a suburb of a city.  The temple is made limestone and marble. There are not any nails or anything like that.  It is all hand carved and with all those details that would be really hard to all hand carve. It was carved in india and then assembled here. Out tour guide joked about how we give up and puzzles a lot and think about having to piece together piece by piece a hole temple.  It was really fun to walk around and look at everything. Then I finished of the little adventure my getting a slushie at gift shop. If your ever in houston this is a cool place to go if you like traveling and different cultures. 

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