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Monday, December 7, 2015

Daily December-7

It is getting closer and closer to christmas and I am so excited. If you don't celebrate christmas then Happy Holidays! Today Daily December Challenge is Winter Playlist.  But I'm not really that great at listing things like this because I have a horrible memory so instead I am going to have some a couple links to people who do have some awesome winter playlists. Hope this is still helpful! It can give you a view of different people's views.


These are 2 winter songs I know and like though

"Last Christmas"
"Baby it's Cold Outside"

I also have some pictures of my christmas tree.

The w is for my last name

This is me when I was 6

If you celebrate christmas have you put up your christmas tree yet?



  1. Ooh lovely tree, your decorations are gorgeous! Last Christmas is stuck in my head, my mom is obsessed with it xD


    1. Thanks and it seems that song gets stuck in people's head a lot because it's sick in mine

  2. I celebrate Christmas and have put my tree up too! DITTO!

    1. Happy Christmas! What does your tree look like?


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