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Saturday, December 5, 2015

Daily December- 4,5

I am not being very good at keeping up with this daily december thing am I? Whatever it doesn't matter. I feel much better and I went to school yesterday so I'm not sure it's officially safe to say I'm not sick anymore but it's close. Yesterdays Daily December Challenge (with I have decided to just call DD) was Best Christmas memories and today's is This Week I..... So I'm just going to do them both in this one post. First for the christmas memorie. This might not be my favorite memory and it wasn't actually on christmas but it is still in the general vicinity of that time. I'm going to say it in kind of a story way. (I might have made up some of it because it's and old memories)

 I woke up one morning I was shivering. What is wrong with the weather?  I thought. Then I also remembered something. And that something was that it was the day before christmas or christmas eve. I smiled at this and my face lit up. I got out of bed and grabbed a jacket to keep warm and then went into the living room. My sister was sitting there playing on her kindle and my tata (what I call my grandmother) was in the kitchen probably cooking something. When I looked out the window I realized why I had been too cold. It was snowing. Really snowing. I of course thought we should have a snowball fight so I gathered up my sisters and my dad. And we got all dressed up and went outside and then we begin. My mittens were wet and pretty much frozen by the end of it but it was super fun!

And now for a little recap of the week

I've been doing(Real life wise)
I went to camp on monday for school. It was around a 3 hour drive in the bus. It was fun but I ended up not being able to sleep like at all in my capan so I stayed up and couldn't sleep. The next day I didn't feel too good and it turns out I was sick so I went home late on wednesday. On thursday I just stayed home but on friday I went to school and ended up just sitting in a 4th grade classroom reading because all of my teachers and fellow classmates were at camp. 

I've been reading
I haven't actually finished any books this week but I have been reading

The Keepers: The Box and the Dragonfly- by Ted Sanders
Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes- by Rick Riordan

I've been posting
Only one post sadly with is this one.

I've been doing(internet wise)
I have been doing NerdBuzz over at Rukiya's blog this past month and my team got in 4th place *cues the whooping and cheering*

It isn't first place or anything but I'm still happy. And as you have probably noticed I am doing DD or Daily December this month. 


  1. Congrats on NerdBuzz! And I've been wanting that Rick Riordan book for FOREVER, you're so lucky to have it!


    1. Congrats to you as well I'm pretty sure your team got something and the book is actually from the library

  2. Congratulations for NerdBuzz!!!


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