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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Interview!

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! Exited? Ya I am too. I got to my grandparents house yesterday. They live in South Carolina and it's a super long drive. But my grandmother always makes deserts and decorates so that's awesome.  I am also exited to do this Christmas interview. I have interviewed both one of my friends and my sister. So lets get started.

sisters answers
friends answers
Dani Jones Answers

1. What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
 opening presents
All my family goes to my Grandmas house on Christmas day and we open more presents!

2. Dream present?
That's private! (what?)
A tree house just for me!

3. Going anywhere this year?
South Carolina
On Mon. I'm going to New Orleans.

4. Do you like to bake Christmas cookies? If so what kind?
 Chocolate Chip
Yes, sugar.
I like to eat chocolate chip cookies more than baking but yeah.

5. What is your favorite Christmas/holiday movie?
 Don't have one
Get Santa
The Grinch or maybe Elf or maybe The Year Without Santa Clause or maybe...

6. What is your favorite Christmas song to sing this time of year? 
 silent Night or O'come O'come Emanuel
You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch

7. What color is your tree? 
 Green; We always get a real tree and my family picks it out together
Our big main one is green, but our mini one is purple.

8. What is something that really gets you into the Christmas spirit? 
 Gingerbread house making
Christmas light looking, or singing with my family.

9. Have you ever had white Christmas? If not do you want to? 
Never had one despite my dreams
I've never had a white Christmas! I live in Texas! I really want to though!

10. Favorite Christmas present you have gotten?
When I was five my Grand ma got me a club house
my phone!

11. Present you are really exited to give someone else?
 Uhhh....Emoji guilty face
Earrings and a bracelet rosary

And if you want to answer the questions as well I'd love that. You can do it in comments or email me and I'll add the your answers here. 


  1. This is a well made interview Nabila!
    I will try and tell you my answers sometime.

    1. Thanks and I'd love to see your anwsers

  2. I'd email you my answers but... I don't know your email!

    1. Oh my gosh Nabila! Thank you for putting my answers up so fast!
      Bye Sincerely Dani


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