Thursday, November 12, 2015

My trip

I haven't been posting in a little while because I have been going/preparing for a trip that I went on. That's also why I haven't been doing nanowrimo lately.  I went to south carolina for my aunts wedding. I left on thursday and came back around 9:00 on monday. The trip takes 16 hours in the car from here to there and it is pretty boring but we were listening to a book in our car so it's not that bad. On Friday was the rehearsal dinner. I am not actually in the wedding but the dinner after the rehearsal was really good and I met someone from the groom's family who was around my age and super fun. On saturday was the wedding. Since my sister was the flower girl we had to go early around 12;00. I was wearing a super pretty dress that was super puffy and then the actual wedding started at 2:00. The reception after the wedding was super fun. I had dinner though all the kids just got chicken fingers with I personally don't think tasted that great. But they had a DJ and so I danced a munch though a lot of the music was in arabic with I can't understand so that was just the tiniest bit annoying but it was still fun. I met a lot of new people from my family that I didn't know. Some of them knew me but I didn't really remember them. I have a really big family. I stayed up to around 11:00 and when I got back to my hotel room I plopped into bed and was fast a sleep like 30 seconds after that. On sunday I went to the park and restaurant with some of my california cousins I got some really good pics from the park. Unlike were I live there the leaves actually change color so they were super pretty and at the park there was a pretty waterfal.

Which one is your favorite?


  1. Recently there were floods in South Carolina...(I think) Did you have to take any different roads because some were blocked?

    Allie D.

    1. There was some floods though I don't think we had to take any different roads. Though it's not like I was driving so how would I know.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! I think the ducks were cute though one of them bit my hand when I was trying to feed it.


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