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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Blogtober day 18: This Week

Today's prompt for blogtober is this week so I am going to do a little recap of my week.

I was kind of boring because I didn't do much and for one of my classes I had a substitute that I really can not believe someone has not gone to the principal and told him how annoying she is

For my first class it was again just regular but we had the substitute and again and I had take this really long B.O.Y social studies test that I am not kidding by the end I was just circling in the bubbles randomly (it is not that I don't like history but that I am horrible at remembering things)

I took a fractions test in math that was almost too easy and then since I finished early I just played this really boring game until we had to switch and I seriously screamed for joy. Then in my 2nd class the actual teacher game back and we had to do a social studies fact hunt then we watched a movie on the book we had just finished.

Right after lunch I went to tour Johnston with is a middle school that is really close by me. It was cool cause I got out of school and I went to see a new place.

Some of my friends came over to my house after school and my mom had left that morning to go to some retreat so it was just my dad to look after like 9 kids.

In the morning we went to a place that gives food and clothing to homeless people or people that have homes but are super poor, and we helped package food and stuff like that.

I went to my friends house from like 11:00am-3:00pm with was super fun. Then right after my mom got home from her retreat we went to a picnic at a park that the new church that I am going to was holding and ate cookies and pizza (I made your mouth water didn't I?). Oh and then I made this post. 

So that is what I did this week


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