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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Yellow Rose Derby Girls

Yesterday I went to a friends and family game of Roller derby. If you don't know what that is to find out go here. I went because my mom is on the team and my dad is an announcer. A friends and family game is actually a free game where the team pretty much plays themselves and each team has a thing. This time it was Dragons VS Unicorns. My mom was on the dragons team and so was my friends mom who has a lot of team spirit.

ya she dressed up as a dragon.  My mom also drew a dragon on her face. 

I also took some pictures of the actual game but these are the only none fussy pictures. 

If you want to have a taste of this action then you can go to there next game with is another friends and family game theme: Empire Strikes Track. As in Empire strikes back from star wars. To find out more go here


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