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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The furture

M: Me
Z: Zoe(my daughter)

M- You have to clean your room up zoe. It really is a mess.

Z- But mom I am charging the robot maid so I can't use her.

M- Well then you will have to do it later I guess.

Z- You know mom, I would not have this problem if you got me the maid 300 which is the newest one.

M- But it is so expensive and we don't need it the one you have now is just fine

Z- Oh my goth! This is so unfair!

M- You know when I was a kid I didn't have cleaner robots.  I had to clean my room up myself. 

Z- Wow you really are an old women

M- What did you just say!

Z- Umm sorry.

M- You know when my parents or your grandparents were kids they didn't even have cell phones. 

Z- *eyes pop out of head and dies*


I was just thinking of this when my dad was saying how technology has changed so much since he was a kid.  Also could you tell me some feedback on this?


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