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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Don't vote for me: Book review

Hi so ya I am going to do a review. Also in the comments can you tell me if my reviews are helpful or not because I am not quite sure?

It is time to vote for class president and really no one is surprised when Veronica Pritchard-Patt is the only one on the list. She is the most popular girl in school and has had a winning streak for the past 3 years. David is pretty sick of it with his big fat mouth to his whole grade. When he is publicly challenged by Veronica he reluctantly and almost forcefully enters the race. But as the days to voting day comes closer he learns that this girl is not only a pretty princess and that maybe she deserves to win and not him.


I think that this was a pretty good book and is worth reading. I like how the popular girl actually has some secrets about her life that not every populer has but of course I am not going to tell. This is a book set in middle school so people would probably like it who are in middle school. 


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