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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Would you rather?

So I saw this on Lexies blog and I wanted to give it a try.


Would you Rather?

  • …own your own boat or your own plane?
I would own a plane so that I could ride around
  • …be able to fly or be invisible?
I have always wanted to fly like a a bird
  • …speak every language in the world or play every instrument?
speak every language because then it would be much more useful and really the only kind of music I like doing is sing
  • …live in the future or in the past?
Future because then they would have cooler technology but then again the world could have gotten corrupted
  • …be the best player on a losing team or the worst player on a winning team?
best player on a winning team because if you were the best on a winning team then you would probably have a lot of pressure.
  • …live in the city or the country?
definitely city
  • …walk the Great Wall of China or Amazon River?
I would want to see the great wall of china 
  • …live without a telephone or a television?
television because phones are used for so much today and either way then I could just watch TV on the phone
  • …meet the president of the United States or your favorite movie star?
Favorite movie star because I am not really political and meeting a movie star I would think would be more fun

  • …go to the beach in the summer or skiing in the winter?
skiing because I have never been skiing and I really want to try
  • …be fabulously famous and poor or unknown and rich?
unknown and rich because being famous could be stressful and I would not last long being poor
  • …take a vacation on an exotic island or in a romantic city?
evxotice iland beacause then I could take cool pictures and maybe see some native species and plants
  • …raise chickens for eggs or sheep for wool?
sheep so then with the wool I could make clothing and I could have my own little shop
  • …always have to enter rooms backwards or always have to somersault out?
always have to somersault out because that sounds really cool
  • …have a unicorn horn or a squirrel tail?
well and squirrel tail because I kind of think having a fluffy tail would be cool but if the unicorn horns came with powers then definitely that

So thats it! I tag everyone reading this post to do this.


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