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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tips for bloggers

I was looking at some of the blogs I like and I found a post by Amelia Grace that I really love. It is about tips for new bloggers. I got her permission to post it. You can go to her blog here. Here it is.

Her Post                                                                                                            

Hey everyone!  I have had a lot of comments from new bloggers and a request for tips for new bloggers, so in this post I will share some tips I have for new bloggers!

I actually watched an A Beautiful Mess live chat a few weeks ago and I asked them the same question "Do you have any tips for younger bloggers?"  I think that every blogger asks that question to more experienced bloggers.  I love the blog A Beautiful Mess and I thought that they could give me some good blogging tips.  Their answer to my question was basically post about what you like and what you would want to read on another blog.  Don't blog to impress other people or do what other people would think is cool, post about what you think is cool and what you like.

I think I already knew that because most of my posts are like that: things I like and things I think are cool and things I would want to read on another blog.

Another tip that I have for new bloggers is don't get frustrated if you don't get a lot of pageviews of comments at first.  It took me awhile to get to this point in blogging and I really appreciate all of the comments from everyone.  Thank you to everyone who reads my blog and helped me get to where I am now in the blogging world!

The truth is, some people will like your blog and some people won't.  You have to focus on the people who do look at your blog and make sure to look at their blogs too!  I try to look and comment on all of my followers blogs!

Another thing that I can say is put your blog out there!  Comment on other people's blogs and follow other blogs.  I think that replying to comments on your own blog is a nice thing to do!  Awhile ago I noticed that on some blogs I looked at, people replied to my comments, and I think that is a really nice thing to do because it shows that they saw the comment and liked getting it!  I think comments are like a reward for blogging.  I blog because I want to and I really enjoy it, but comments make the whole thing even better!

Have a nice blog design.  I like looking at blogs that have professional looking blog designs more than blogs that don't.  I'm not saying that my blog always looks great.  It doesn't.  And I can't do blog designs.  I used to think that I was good at doing blog designs, but then when I got older, I didn't like how my blogs looked, so I asked somebody who did blog designs that I liked!  There are people who do free blog designs that look amazing!  Of course, the content of the blog is more important then the blog design, but the blog design makes your blog look nice!

I felt the need to share this screenshot of my first blog (I started it when I was 7).

Take a blogging break if you need one and don't apologize for taking a break!  I read this advice on Blogs By Kids (this post) and that advice really helped me with my blog!  It's true that sometimes if I see a blog where the post starts with "sorry I haven't been posting..." I will notice that that person hasn't been posting and if people keep apologizing, sometimes I won't look at that blog!  A few weeks ago I took a long blogging break because I was forcing myself to post when I couldn't think of anything to post about and the posts weren't as good.  Now that I took a break, I am posting again and I have a lot of good posts coming up soon! 

I hope these blogging tips helped!  

And I just wanted to show you some pictures of my first blog to show the difference between my first blog (when I was 6, just about 7) and my blog now.  I think that blogging is a journey and you learn along the way about ways to improve your blog and your writing!   I also think blogging helped me become a better writer!

This is my first post:

On my first blog I got comments from my family, and those comments helped me make my blog better!  There have been a few times that I almost gave up blogging, but I am so glad I stuck with it!  

Here is another post from my first blog.  I love that picture from when I was little!

Okay, enough pictures.  I just want to say thank you to my parents who helped me start a blog and alway encourage me to continue blogging!  This would not have been possible without you!

End of post                                                                                                    

So that was her post. Hope you liked it! I think it will really help newbies!


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