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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Plants around my house

Today I thought of a cool challenge. I would try to take a picture of every plant in the inside of my house. Well I actually ended up doing it and I challenge you to do it to. Not really all of the plants are real, but who cares. Here are the pics. Sorry for the bad quality I was doing it on my kindle.

this is a condiment of both some basil flowers and my mom trying to root some other plant

I don't really know what kind of plant this is 

This is a popos plant I think. If we keep letting it grow could grow to be like at least 6 feet long but we are not going to do that 
this is just one of those almost no water or sunlight needed plants

this is a fake yellow tulip

all I know is that it is a not very well concealed fake plant

this is some coral that when we moved in we got it from the old person who used to live in our house. 

this is just some fake pretty white flower

So that was it. I don't really know if that was a lot or a little plants. But whatever. So now I challenge you to do this to.

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