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Sunday, August 30, 2015

City Church

I  hope you're having a good day!

City Church Houston

OK on to the point you will never guess where I went to church today. Can you guess? No. OK I'll tell you. I went to A Music Venue called the House of Blues. You might not be that amazed but we had our service in the same place that a popular band has probably played. Seriously tell one semi-popular person and I bet they will have played there. This is a new church who one of the pastor from my old church started it. Also 2 of the musicians are from the church I am going to now who is known for their music. The only downside is because they don't have there own building they don't have enough room to have children's church for the older kids. You can find out more about it here.


  1. That's cool! Thanks so much for enrolling into my Blogger Choice Awards

  2. I wonder who you're going to nominate...Hahaha

    Rukiya XX

    1. You will never know *said in a creepy voice*

  3. Nabila you can't vote for the same person twice in a category...But it's fine I'm gonna do a post today letting everyone know that ^ ^

    Rukiya XX


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