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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cristmas break

    Dear diary
 Sorry I haven't been writing lately, but my new year's resolution is to write  more. I forgot to bring you with me so ya. For Christmas I went to my grandparents on my moms side. They live in Edmond, Oklahoma which is a suburb outside of OKC.
    It takes like 8 hours to get there and we always drive, it's not much compared to the 16 hour drive to south Carolina were my other grandparents live, but it still feels it still feels like forever. My mom has 4 siblings, and they all came. One guy, Andrew, my uncle and 3 girls, my aunts, Amy, Mary, and, Sally. So five kids in all. taunt sally brought her boyfriend( she's 40 and still has a boyfriend). So that's at least 6 people, then my grandparents, so 8, and then excluding my  mom my family's 4, so there were 12 people staying in a 4 bedroom, 3 bathrooms( in the morning you would have to run to get the bathroom).
  I had to sleep on the flour , only for 2 days though, on Christmas ( tuant sally got there) and the day after that  because uncle Andrew left the next day. Both sally and Amy got there on Christmas so I had to wate to open my presents after dinner, instead of when I first wake up. After that I slept on an air mattress, then on a real bed ( we stayed there for 10 days in all ).
   Then it was finally Christmas. I admit I forgot what we ate cause my present was so good thanks to tata (what I call my grandma). When I woke up on Christmas I was excited, but then I remembered I had to wait. Sally, Sally, Sally, I really do love but why couldn't you have gotten an earlier flight. Amy got there around noon. Sally got there at around 4ish I forgot. We ate around five. after dinner we got to open presents. We did it one at a time, so it took awhile. I knew Naomi, my sister, was going to get a laptop. My sister 8 and my dad is 40 and he just got his first laptop. Don' ask how I know I have my ways. I admit I was a little jealous. When it was her turn she was really surprised and happy. When it was my turn to open my present you would never would have guested what I got laptop, a windows 8.1( the latest version) touchscreen laptop. I couldn't stop saying thank you to Tata ( the person who got it for me) and smiling. I also got a purple fan, some chap stick, a Egyptian dress that's actually from Egypt ( my grandparents had gone to Egypt right before Christmas break. as you know I am half Egyptian. I also got some coot fox ear muffs and my wonderful laptop. I didn't get that much but the laptop made up for it( I'm using it right now).
   After we opened presents we had desert of pumpkin pie and some thing else didn't like. The pie was good though. The day after Christmas we saw the hobbit the battle of five armies the day after that we went to a restraunt for lunch. After lunch we dropped dad of at the airport cause he's going to help his friend with his house out in Marfa, Texas. For dinner that day we had a seafood  feast of crab, mussels, clams, and fish. I almost felt bad for dad it was so good. I ate mostly crab but it was all good. The day after that Andrew left. The day after that we went to a memorial then we went to a coffee shop called coffee slingers,  then sally left. One or two days after that we went to the peaso arts district. the day after that (New years eve) we went to a burger place for lunch called tuckers after lunch we dropped Amy of at the airport. After dinner we watched Dick Clark rocken eve.
  Two days after that on Friday we drove home. we drove slow cause the weather said it would be icy. But it really wasn't  were we were. I was praying for dad because he was driving the same day but he had it much worse. You could actually see the ice. But were we were you could barely feel it. The only bad thing that happened to us was that it was raining really hard, for a couple of minutes. But over all Christmas was fun.     

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  1. Aww I love reading through bloggers oldest posts, Hiw old were. You when you wrote this?


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