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Monday, October 22, 2018

5 Free Fun Things To Do In Houston

As you guys might know I live in the wonderful city of Houston, Texas aka the 4th largest city in the US aka a pretty cool place. If you're reading this you either a) live here as well, b) are coming here, or c) are a loyal blog reader of mine who is super cool. All of you guys are awesome. Because I love it here so much I thought it would be super cool to share with you guys some of my fave free things to do here!

Miller Outdoor Theatre 

I have done a couple posts on the Miller including here and here. Honestly, it's one of my favorite ever places in Houston. Like ever. They have free amazing shows all the time. Maybe it's a concert or a play or a musical or they're showing a movie. It's an outdoor theatre but there are two parts. Number one the seated area which has fans and a roof part even though it's still open. For that, you have to get tickets (which are still free) but you have to go early. Also for the shows that don't sell out (it usually doesn't) around ten minutes before the event starts they let people fill in the seats that aren't already occupied. If you don't want to sit there though there is an awesome hill where you can bring blankets or chairs and it's a super fun atmosphere.

Discovery Green 

Discovery Green is a lot like the miller! It's an urban park right smack down in the middle of the city and it's pretty awesome. There's a lot of green space, an actual playground for kids, and a lot of events scheduled all the time. They have workshops, fun things for little kids, kayaking during the summer, yoga, and during a certain time, they have this awesome series where every Thursday they have these awesome free concerts. I actually did a post on it herrrrrreeeee.  For that one, though it wasn't specifically part of Discovery Green instead it was from Avenida Houston which is right by discovery green and also cool. The only downside is that because it is downtown all of the parking lots are paid and when other events are going on like at the Toyota center sometimes street parking will be pretty full so parking can sometimes be annoying.

You probably don't but if you've been reading my blog for a bit you might remember this post and how cool I thought it was! Basically every day at sunset these bats fly out from under this bridge and it's crazy amazing to see because they are all over the sky. It's basically like a humongous flock of birds expect they're bats which you probably don't get to see that often. I thought it was like the most amazing thing when I got to see it and it's super fun for the whole family. You should probably arrive around 20 minutes before whenever sunset is supposed to be that day so you don't miss it plus parking might be a bit annoying. Find more info about it here. 

Ever since it opened around November 2016 I've done around 4 photo shoots here, one with a professional photographer when we were taking family photos. Aka this place is amazing and one of the best places to take photos in Houston. Graffiti and murals are almost always some of the best places ever to take photos and this place has like 30 all on either two or three buildings (I might have forgotten). Fun fact my old church actually owns one of the buildings. There is also a graffiti and street art museum opening sometime soon but according to there website they were delayed by Harvey and aren't sure when they're actually opening. 

Museum District 

I absolutely love museums so so much and on Thursdays a bunch of them are free! How crazy cool is that???? Some of my faves are probably the natural science museum and the art museum. If you want to stray from the norm though there are also museums like the art car museum, the contemporary art museum, air terminal museum, and the buffalo soldier museum. 

I super duper hope y'all loved that! If you live in Houston or are ever going to Houston I really hope this is helpful! I have a lot more things I can add to this list so if you want a part two please comment down below. :) Alos if you want to collab and be part of my month of collabs next month make sure to email me at 

Have you ever been to Houston? What should I add to this list? Do you want to go to Houston if you've never been? Should I do a part two to this post? 

Thursday, October 18, 2018


This absolutely crazy thing 
A collection of notes
And words 
Strung together
And made into this amazing collection of noise
Music is something
That I adore
And just love
I was at the store the other day 
With my friend
And a song came on
I naturally 
As people do
Began to dance
My friend and sister
Told me to stop
That I was embarrassing
But I was fine with that
Maybe because embarrassing people is generally fun
But also because dancing (aka moving around weirdly like a goose at least for me)
Is something that makes me happy

I'm Christian
I go to church every week and everything
But I've always had a hard relationship with god
With just life and hardships and things like science
I find myself thinking
How in the world could this all be real??
But when I'm at church
And just singing my heart out
Swaying to the music
I don't feel somewhere else
I'm truly there
And I'm not thinking of anything else
No instead I'm singing
And being surrounded
By notes
And words
And voices
And there are people around me
With this same feeling
And it's just beautiful.

Music brings people together
I remember one time I was talking to a friend 
And we realized we both loved Dodie
I think we bonded over that
And became closer
Which made me happy cause she's supes cool so
When you find something in common like music
There's almost no way you won't become friends 

Doing more of these extra journaly posts if you want it or not so there haha. And make sure if you want to collab as part of my blogiversary celebration dm me!!

What are some of your favorite songs? Can you relate to this?  

Monday, October 15, 2018

You're Never Truly Alone

There was a new singer at our church recently
And she was so so good
Her voice was just
And she was singing a song
Which really interested me
It was saying
"I'm alive because God won't let me go"
It was talking about things like
And suicide
Which I honestly loved
Because I don't think that's something church usually talks about that often
And at the end
She did that thing
Where she talked
With the music
And she was saying how
God won't give you more then you can bare
How life definitely isn't perfect
You're going to have bad things happen
And that's ok

Someone might make a comment
About your hair
Or how expensive your clothes are
Or maybe something more serious
Like you lost your job
Feeling sad or angry or annoyed is so so normal
But also stay calm
Because God is there with you
Maybe you don't believe in God
That's cool too
Remember your loved ones
Your friends
Your family
You're never truly alone
You have so many people
Who care about you
Whether it's God
Or another person
Something that amuses me
Is when a friend says
In front of me
That they have no friends
And even though I know they're joking
I'm just like
Ummmm hello what about me????
Remeber you're never
Truly alone

Thought this was something I should share. :)

Comment all of your thoughts down below! 

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