Monday, June 10, 2019

Vincent Van Gogh: His Life In Art | Photo Diary

I recently got to an awesome art exhibit all about Vincent Van Gogh and his life at the art museum here in Houston!! I love art and history so as you can probably guess I had a lot of fun. I got a lot of cool photos so I thought it would be fun to show y'all. :)

If you don't know his story I'm just going to summarize it for you: 

-he doesn't know what to do with his life 
-he tries a bunch of different stuff
-he becomes a painter (with his brothers support)
-he learns a lot about art
-he low key goes crazy (he had a mental illness that a lot of people believe to be something along the lines of bipolar) 
-he checks himself into a mental hospital
-he gets out
-his brother has a family now and Vincent doesn't want to be a burden so he kills himself

As you can tell he had a really interesting (but sad) life. 

Let's get onto happy things now though haha. 

They had a lot of his real paintings but in the first room it was just replicas and it basically told the the whole story of his life. 

And now for the real ones! I loved the paintings of people as the emotion just seemed so real. 

All throughout the exhibit, they also had large, expanded versions of his pieces which were super cool. 

Fun fact I'm pretty sure this was a painting of a church in one of the towns he lived in. His father was some kind of pastor (I think) and at one point that's what Van Gogh tried to be as well. 

My little sis. :)

Doesn't that look like something that should be in Egypt? Not the actual drawing but the doorway and the wall behind. 

One of his famous self portraits! 

This was some lady who owned a cafe near him and like, I love her haha. Just look at that hair. 

This one and the one of the old lady right above were two of my favorites!

They had a whole little gift shop just for the exhibit but it was surprisingly not that cute and it kind of made me sad. 

One of the coolest things is that at the end they had a whole interactive section! 

As you can see there were awesome photos opportunities and it was just so cute. 

The whole fam went including my Tata and Geto (grandparents). 

Do you like art? Should I do more photo diaries? 

Monday, May 27, 2019

Mother's Day At Hermann Park | Photo Diary

I know this is a tad bit late but I still wanted to share! For mother's day a couple of family members were in town so we all went to Hermann Park and had a little picnic. Hermann Park is this absolutely gorgeous urban park here in Houston that I absolutely love. All of the flowers were in bloom and we walked around the garden a bit so I got some really nice photos. :)

It was pretty busy!

First thing we did is eat. My dad made a whole spread of fruits and meats and hummus and stuff like that. By the way, the park, I'm pretty sure is right in between the museum district and the medical center, so it's surrounded by tall buildings. 

My uncle and cute little sis. :) 

I'm almost certain these are lamb ears. Either way they had the coolest texture and I love this photo!

Not sure what Naomi was doing but I love all of the colors and contrast in this photo. 

This wasn't labeled but we decided it had to be kale. It was crazy tall!

She's a model like I'm sorry. You can't even argue anymore.

I posted this picture on Instagram and y'all seemed to love it! 

It couldn't be Texas without some cacti!

There was this storage place in the back and when I saw it my mind immediately went to pictures. It's cool looking and matches my dress!

You can't read the sign very clearly but it basically say feel to try anything! My mom and I were talking about how crazy lucky we are to have spaces like this, that are free, in our city. 

Once we finished up with the garden we climbed the hill. 

I got this amazing picture of the park and the city!

After we were done we got home and rested a bit and then had dinner. Afterwards my dad brought out this gorgeous dessert!

I thought this would be a great photo to end off the post *nods*. 

Did you do anything for mother's day? Do you want more photo diaries?

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