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Brands I Love + Discount Codes

I am so so so lucky to be able to be a rep/ambassador for a couple of brands! These are brands I truly believe in and love and it makes me super happy to have the opportunity to share them with you. :) Get ready for a bunch of fun discount codes and brands I'm sure you will love as much as I do!

If you know me in real life or on Instagram you will know I am all about bracelets. On a normal day, I could be found wearing 13 bracelets. That's just what I do. So, of course, I had to include these! Their bracelets are super cute plus they have other fun stuff if you like that tooooo. 

Sand Clouds mission is the coolest thing! They are all about #savingthefishies and do so much stuff to help sea animals. I follow them on Instagram and they're always posting on their story with stuff about animals and actually, I've learned quite a bit. They have clothes and towels and water bottles and just all of the cuteness. You can use my code "Nabila25" to get 25% off!

You knew this was coming. I love love love jewelry so a jewelry company is inevitable. Their stuff is so cute oh my gosh! I'm kind of obsessed. My two favorite items from them are this super cute necklace and another one that is like a stone. Use my code "hottowncoolgirl10" to get 10% off! 

You might have noticed that the link in my Instagram bio isn't your typical Linktree or something like that but instead LYNX! They were super kind to give me a free year of premium but there is also a free version! Basically, it allows you to not only have one link in your bio but instead 2 or 3 or 4 or 7. It's pretty cool. 

With summer coming up people including me are in need of bathing suits and things like hats and skirts. Sunny Co has all of these things. I love their stuff! They're just so cute! Plus you can use my code "Sunny20" for 20% off!

Photage sent me one of there prints a couple months ago and I love it! You can get your photos made into these super cool photo print stickers they will send you. Then you can do a bunch of stuff like them including a bunch of fun decor DIYs! You can the code "nabila" for $5 off! 

Threading water is a clothing company all about providing clean water! They are totally sustainable and care a lot about their workers which I am totally for. I really want one of there tees! You can go here to get a code for 25% off.

I've been loving Wotzel's clothes! They are for reals so cute haha. I really want there "Just Do Nothing" hoodie! 

Halifornia gives me so much California beach watery vibes I can't even. I love their logos and I would love one of there pullovers or t-shirts. I mean who doesn't want more t-shirts truly?? Use my code "NABILAN9820" for 20% off!

Get ready for some skin care brands coming up! Or actually just two. But it's cool. Number one Muddy Body! They have masks and cleansers and a bunch of other stuff all about keeping your face clean and beautiful. You can use my code "Nabila10" to get 10% off! I have been getting really into skincare recently and I would love one of there masks. 

Another skin care brand but this one is all about acne! Seriously I'm not exaggerating I find this brand and concept just the coolest. You take a selfie and the app analyzes it. Then they send you products that will work for you and your skin type. It's all customized. You can use my code "heart-151" for 30% off!

Yes yes, I know anotherrrrr bracelet/jewelry brand. But I love bracelets ok. I stated that earlier. Don't judge my amazingness. They have a bunch of bracelets I want! They look homemade but in a good way. If that makes sense??? Pura Vida also has these super pretty wave rings that I absolutely love! You can use my code "NABILAWILSON20" for 20% off!

This has to be one of my favorite on the list!!! It's a small Etsy shop and they kindly sent me these two super cute pairs of earrings. When I first wore the rainbow oh my gosh y'all. I felt so cute. I somehow felt cuter than I normally do???? That's hard to do???? Probably because I think really highly of myself but whatever. Plus I got so many compliments. Like more than on a normal day. Which is again hard to do. I'm a very liked human being. *nods* Then the next day I wore the stud earrings which are also so cute. People first asked me what they are (I have no idea) and second if I actually made my earrings (also nope but I might have just shrugged. I like to be thought of as cool ok do not judge me.) Anyway moral of the story all (or at least the ones that I got) of her earrings are so crazy cute and also super creative! No chance of clashing with your friends. Andddddddd I also have a code. I know you are so surprised. Use the code "FILIGRATTI10" for 10$ off a purchase of two earrings or more and free shipping to the US. Pretty coolio in my opinion. It will only work for the first 5 people though so you better hurry! 


The cuteness level of these clothes is like so big that you can't exactly comprehend. Think of your favorite aesthetic cute Instagram account. It's there best outfit put into a store basically. I might like their clothes just a bit too much and it might be kind of problem because I have a problem with compulsive buying so.... Use my code "hottowncoolgirl" for 15% off!

I know most people have a phone and most people with a phone have a phone case. But do they actually think about where that case came from and what it's made of? Probably not. With this brand though you can be totally happy about your purchase! It is handcrafted from organic materials into super cool phone cases that are cute, sustainable, and provide protection for your phone. Pretty cool if I say so myself. Use my code "nabila10" for 10% off!

Athensula is a clothing brand with lots of things like backpacks, bags, dresses, and phone cases! They have super fun designs on everything like flower or galaxy which I find so fun. Use my link to get 10% off!


How cute are these pictures??? Welly Mark is watch company with super sleek but simple and cute watches. I've always wanted a watch but most of them are either little kidish or just too much. Does that make sense? These watches are the perfect in between and a cool addition to any outfit. :) Use my code Nabila-15 for 15% off! 

Zandra recently contacted me about being an affiliate for there brand and I checked them out and they are seriously so cool! They are a natural skin care brand made specifically for teen skin. They are all about girls education and empowerment which I love. Plus they donate 10% off there profits to support girls education! The brand was also started by a teen entrepreneur which just makes it that much cooler you know? 

If you are a brand or anyone looking to collab do not be afraid to reach out to me! You can email me at 

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