Monday, July 9, 2018

I remember

*you might have possibly seen this post before so sorry about that it accidentally posted!!

I remember hanging out at the park almost every day after school with my friend
I remember sharing secrets on the playground
I remember being at home with my grandmother and her getting a call telling her my littlest sis had been born

I remember elementary school friend drama
I remember how there were these two kids who dated in elementry and then "got married" just so that they could get divorced??
I remember feeling so awkward whenever I had to change in front of someone

I remember listening to Hamilton on repeat with friends when it first came out
I remember my old preschool teacher teaching me how to draw a guitar
I remember my first day of middle school and how I felt so grown up
I remember graduating elementary and deciding I was a teen

I remember my 2015 blogging time and how I thought I was pretty amazing even though I really wasn't
I remember my first online friend actually responding to me and me being so happy
I remember talking to a friend about how we were going to make a webcomic (we never did) and how I was laughing my head off as we plotted because you know oranges (inside joke ok)

I remember holding on to a floaty as we went down the lazy river in Mexico when I was like 4
I remember fighting about if cats or dogs were better in an insta chat with some of the coolest peeps (shout out to y'all!)
I remember being talked about on another person's blog for the first time and thinking I was famous
I remember really starting to like blogging

I remember my grandparents old house and how it was humongous
I remember learning that some foods I ate all the time weren't actually eaten by most of my friends and that they (the foods) were Egyptian
I remember that one month I stayed at my grandparents place over the summer and how I really just used pinterest like every second of the day

I remember two houses ago and how me and my two sisters got the master bedroom and how it was humongous
I remember counting how many houses I've lived in and realizing it's now 7
I remember getting my phone and immediately texting my mom in all caps

I remember playing with blocks in kindergarten with my best friend at the time
I remember getting angry at that same best friends, friend when she accused me of stealing her friend
I remember one of my first school friends moving away and feeling devastated and also just kind of confused cause I didn't understand what was going on
I remember two of my friends saying they liked each other and had then started dating BUT LIKE DIDN'T TELL ME

I remember second grade and how I felt like this girl was stealing one of my really close friends away from me. That year wasn't that great.
I remember then kind of becoming friends with the girl because she would always hang around my friend group but we all didn't like her

I remember having debates at recess with one of my friends almost every week and how we would go around and ask the whole grade who was right
I remember how I would hate recess and just walk around aimlessly in 1st grade
I remember actually volunteering for a improve exercise in theatre and feelings so proud of myself because I'm not that great at improve
I remember when I got my old kindle which was my first electronic. I was crazy happy and I remember possibly just touching the screen which was probably so weird but I was just so happy

I remember how there was a pool near one of my old houses and we would go almost every day over the summer
I remember going to this old ladies house (she was babysitting us) over the summer around 1st grade and noticing all of the different things about her
I remember when I absolutely hated reading and only did it when my parents forced me too
I remember when I first learned how to swing and I was with some people I didn't know that well at a park and I was struggling so they told me like the secret and it probably blew my mind

I remember whenever it rained how I would want to put on my bathing-suit and run around
I remember that feeling whenever we would drive up to my (other) grandparents after the 16 hour car ride and being so genuinely happy
I remember each passing year and how they seem to get shorter and shorter
I remember when I was absolutely obsessed with the Pokemon card game and I would even collect cards until my dad got bored and we moved on to Magic

Did you guys like that?? What are some of your most distinct memory? What's the earliest point in your life you can remember? What kind of posts do you want to see on here??


  1. WOAH I really love this poem, Nabila! It's so creative, but so nostalgic. I love delving into my memories and remembering all the things that used to can be super sentimental <3 I loved this post!

    1. Awwwww yay I'm so happy you like it!! :) :) :) :)

  2. mmmm, this is really beautiful!
    and lol, I think we all remember our first Hamilton listen :)

    Love the format of this- such a great idea!

    1. Aww thanks Elissa! The first hamilton listen is pretty important haha. :)

  3. Okay. It's been a LOOONG time since I've commented and I'm honestly so sorry! I'm trying to catch up.

    Man, these are all very vivid memories. Hopefully your friends don't mind if you write some of these up xD If they read your blog. I think you mentioned before that they do.

    Also, friend drama is the worst. I still remember when I had my first friendship breakup. Still bothers me to this day. Never knew why she abandoned me and my male friend.

    1. It's totally cool!

      Hmmmmmmm yeah I should have probably asked them haha. I think only one of my friends actually reads my blog though. Everyone knows about it but they're probably to lazy haha.

      Yeah no friend drama is just ahhhhhhhhhhh like whyyyyyyyy???

  4. This is such a wonderful writing idea. I might use this in my journal! (I love the classic I remember when two of my friends started dating. That is always a funny story.)

    1. Aww thanks Vanessa! You totally should! Yeah haha.

  5. that was super cool! I have so many memories from when I was like, 5 or 6 and most of them are very random.


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