Monday, July 30, 2018

11 Easy Ways To Make Money Online

Hi frienddddsssss! :) I did this post a bit ago where I talked about easy ways to make money but I didn't really touch on how to make money online. As teens, we're online a lot. You can't even deny it. We also always want more money. Did you know it's possible to combine that?? Yeppppp. Today I'm going to be sharing some super easy ways to make money online for teens (although these will work for most other peeps as well). A lot of these are mostly for influencers/people with social media but some will also work if you don't have social media.
Stylinity- With Stylinity you share selfies and tag the brands you're wearing. There are a lot of different ways to get points and earn cash.

Ebates- Ebates is a website with lots of codes and discounts for so so so much. When you refer a friend and they buy something through your link you get $25.

Heartbeat- Heartbeat is a thing I've now used twice! They have campaigns regularly where they usually send you a product which you must take a picture of and post on Instagram. Depending on the campaigns it might be paid and it might not but if it's not paid you get a free product so I would say it's always good.

VigLink- Viglink is a really cool affiliate program. Basically, it searches your website and sees if there are any products mentioned. It then changes it to an affiliate link! Isn't that so so cool??? I'm not exactly sure how it works/how to make it work since I'm pretty sure it hasn't worked on my blog though.

Linqia- Linqia is an influencer marketing program and connects you with companies. The only downside is you have to have a very large amount of followers that I don't qualify for *cries*. Butttt if you're a bigger account I would recommend you check it out!

Dealspotr- Dealspotr has so many campaigns it's actually crazy. I haven't been a part of one yet but so far I love the website. You can talk to brands and the pay rates are really good. For me, I think I'm supposed to be like $59 for a blog post. I do not have a big blog and I don't know that much about how much you're really supposed to get paid but in my opinion, I would say that's pretty great.

Collabor8Collabor8 helped me get all of those first collabs (most of my ones now too for that matter) and I could not recommend them enough! It's a simple app you download on your phone. They have a lot of brands on there and all you have to do is apply to collab with them. If the brand excepts you can start talking to them and work out a collab. I've done maybe 8 collabs through them now? It is a super easy platform that I love. :)

Google Adsense- If you have a website Google
Adsense is probably the easiest way to make money. It is through google and they set up the ads. They track everything and it's really easy to set up. They probably pay less than other ad services especially if you have a smaller following but it's just so easy?? I was going to set up this for my blog but my dad was saying how since I don't get that many views I might want to wait for a bit since I will probably only get cent at this point. He's probably right so if you have a smaller website you might want to wait just a bit. :)

Etsy- If you are a crafty creative person who likes making things but doesn't have Etsy???? What???? You can put that craftiness to good use and sell stuff! I would set up an Etsy but I have no idea what I would sell. Also, I'm really not crafty so on second thought that doesn't make sense. *shrugs*

Online Course- If you would say you're pretty knowledgeable in a subject you can make an online course on it!! Maybe blogging or something related to school. An example is Taiya's on how to work with brands.

Youtube- Even though youtube decided to change their program and made it so you have to have a thousand subscribers (a jerk move in my opinion even though I get it but like) to monetize it's still a good way to make money if you can grow your account. Plus youtube is just fun. I recently started posting again on my channel and I've been loving it!!

Fiverr- Fiverr is really easy for freelancers. Do you have a service you can provide? Maybe writing or graphic design or maybe you like singing songs. Basically any online service. It's also just a good place to find people to do a bunch of different things.

I super duper hope that was helpful for ya'll. :) I have a lot more I can list so if you want a part two comment down below!

Have you used any of these? What's your favorite way to make money online? Should I do a part two of this?

*Disclosure: this post contains affiliate links which means I may gain a small commision if you purchase/sign up for/do something through my link


  1. This was so helpful! Thank you!!

    1. Totally Amanda! I'm so happy I could be helpful!

  2. YES GIRL. Thank you for these links. I was thinking about doing something like this recently so I am glad I have a few sites with your recommendation on it!

  3. Just BTW the legal working age 14, I recently discovered this and have a job lined up for me!

    1. First cool I didn't know that second what and also more cool??? But you know if you're working at a family business you can start like now.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these! I really needed this kind of websites and good recommendations. :-)

  5. Awesome post Nabila! I had fun reading it, and it was very helpful!

  6. This post was so helpful and so cool! I've heard of collabor8 before, but I've never tried it


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