Tuesday, June 19, 2018

A Day In The Life Of Abigail Lennah + How She Increases Her Productivity

I AM POSTING TWICE THIS WEEK I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S HAPPENING DON'T QUESTION IT. I am super excited today because I have the absolutely awesome Abby formally from Ups And Downs.  She has been around for quite a while in the blogging world and her writing is literally one of my fave things ever. :) She is launching a new blog called Story-Eyed and I'm super honored to be a part of her blog tour! I absolutely love day in the life posts so get excited for this post lady's and gentleman, welcoming Abbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Hi, friends! Summer is usually the time to relax and take a breather from all the stress the school year has
to offer. For me, it's the main time frame where so much gets done! A lot of my days are variable, but my
summer schedule usually falls under the same cadence. Here is what my summer days look like, alongside
some tips on how to remain productive!

9:00am -- Usually around the time I wake up in the summer! Since my family just got back from
traveling three major cities, our kitchen lacks any food stockpile, so today I settle for some oatmeal and
honey. I scroll through my phone and check emails for any updates regarding college housing and blog
tour posts.

9:30am -- Time to go and clean up my room! I find productivity to be the most efficient in a clean and
relaxed environment. Today, the culprit of the mess is my desk table, clustering a large stack of books
and some graduation memorabilia. My phone turns up to WALK THE MOON's "Surrender." I jam out to
this over the loud hum of the vacuum quite loudly, as no one is at home to hear me belt at full capacity.
Hey, if there's an empty room, why not sing?

10:00am -- I read the news and watch a TED Talk. One of the things I did my senior year was visit
classrooms and ask what the headlines were that morning because during discussions I felt behind and
wanted to improve. It's something I still want to adhere to now, to learn about what's going on in the
world as well as listen to ideas which will help change the world.

10:30am -- Well, time to go work on job applications and scholarships!

12:00pm -- Lunch with little food options available takes a form in a microwavable chicken pot pie.
Around this time, too, I end up reading and taking American Great Reads list by finishing Frankenstein by
Mary Shelley. Horror isn't my typical genre, but I enjoyed this book way more than I initially thought.

1:00pm -- My schedule becomes SUPER variable around this point until five-thirty. A lot of this stems
from what I want to do in that particular day. A majority of the time, the activities lack any access to a
computer, but today is the exception. Right now, I feel like editing and working on Story-Eyed's blog
layout, seeing as Wordpress's PHP servers and their novelty intimidate more than help.

2:00pm -- One of my friends is inviting me over to her house! I quickly finalize some of my job
applications and drive around town to drop them off before heading over to her house. We then spend the
next two hours watching the Legend of Korra all while eating ice cream, with kids clamoring around us.
It's good to go out once a day in the summertime, especially with nothing to do, because not only do
you get to spend more time with friends and explore, but it allows the ability to discern days from
each other.

4:00pm -- Something I need to do for college is reorganize all of my clothing and non-clothing essentials.
My family bought a ton of items without removing the price tag. So, I decided to bite the bullet and let my
crazy organizational skills take hold: spend the next two hours snipping away loose tags, folding the
clothes properly, stuffing them into bags with categories, and then fitting them up in my closet.
Meanwhile, Friends plays in the background, though I do not pay attention to Rachel and Ross with
marker stains on their faces.

Here's a photo of one of my friends' dogs when I went to go visit her house!

6:00pm -- Surprise! My mom brings home some food from one of my favorite local restaurants: pizza
slices with cut chicken and lots of jalapeƱos. I knawing on the food while allowing my computer to finish
processing its update.

6:30pm -- I decide to work on the blog again. This time, I focus on writing future posts and editing my
about me page. Oscillating white noise fills my headphones as I work upstairs, with so many surrounding
distractions. I tend to not use my laptop in my room because I despise being stifled and it's good to
change environments. Several drafts are composed, and I edit roughly fifty photos. It's productivity at its

9:00pm -- Several text messages sprout from my phone. They're from friends, each with their own
distinct topic. One sends me videos of Tom Holland being Tom Holland, while another sends me the
anatomy of sponges in full caps before talking asking whether or not Dash Parr from the Incredibles can
withstand the friction he makes while running (scientifically, he cannot). I quickly reply to these.

9:30pm -- I write some poetry ideas and lines dancing in my head.

10:00pm -- Right before I go to bed, I log out of all of my devices and listen to a soothing. Social media is great, but at night it brings on distraction too the point where I must physically turn off my phone and hide it in a hard to reach place. Honestly, by
doing this, it makes sleep easier to come by.

If you want to see more of her check her out at these places: 

Story-Eyed: http://story-eyed.com

What kind of posts do you want to see from me? Have you checked out Abby's new blog yet?


  1. ABBYYY!!!! I love how she gives such vivid descriptions. And I love seeing my friends featured on my other friends' blogs. ;) Great job, girlies!

    xx Kenzie | www.paperpizzablog.com

  2. this is beautiful! i love learning about what helps others maintain their productivity :)

  3. I love this! I always enjoy a good old day in the life post, and especially if it's a productive one! Abby is great at writing descriptions and stuff, and I always love reading more of her writing.

    1. Yayyyy so happy you like it Hanne! Yeah same I love day in a life posts. Right?! I love her writing so much. :)


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