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Monday, June 18, 2018

10 Teen Bloggers You Need To Follow

Hellllloooo friends! Today I thought it would be super fun to share with you guys some of my fave teen bloggers. I have met so many amazing bloggers during my time as a blogger! I say blogger a lot. A couple of them have left and deserted me *cries* BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT OF THE POST. I know personally at the very beginning when I started blogging I was first terrible and second I just felt alone. I was like 9. I didn't know any other bloggers my age. Sooo for all of you teen bloggers out there here are some awesome bloggers your age. Before we get started though this a collab with the awesome Amaris from Amaris Elizabeth! Make sure to head over to her post after you read this one! Keep reading if you want some more awesome blogs to follow (mine, of course, you should already follow).

Lexie (I'm pretty sure) is the only blogger I knew at the beginning that is still blogging and I love her! On her blog, she talks about a lot of things including books, lifestyle, and reviews. I really like her personality and just everything she does on her blog. Plus she also started a charity??? At age ten??? And she's now like 13?? And still has a charity?? I feel like I haven't done enough with my life??

Kristian aka Buttercup aka my twin (but not actually someone was wondering haha) is super cool! I met her on Insta a couple months ago now and I'm super happy about it! Her motto "is to encourage others to be themselves," which I love of course!  Plus she has a youtube channel! We're also friends which is super fun.

I love Taiya's blog and design and pictures. Everything just seems kind of perfect! Her blog is all about giving advice to other teens and she posts lifestyle, diy, and fashion!

I love Kate's blog so much!! She always has the cutest outfits ever. They're creative and I'm just like how do you own all of this adorable clothing???? Like???? Questions????

The amount that Abbie is amazing is just like. How can you be that cool of a human being? She's a writer and blogger and Youtuber and musician and waffle queen and just such a kind and down to earth person. Plus her motivation for just life is one of the most inspiring things. I basically just want to be Abbie is what I'm saying.

I put Abbie and Kenzie in the same category of people who are amazing and I really want to be but I probably won't be able to because I'm just not that nice. Mckenzie's personality is contagious and I feel like she's always smiling. Plus she actually talks to me. I know. Shoutout to her for replying to my insta stories and commenting on here! 

Ok so I'm pretty sure Kara is technically an adult but I'm still including her because at one point in the very recent future she was a teen so it counts. Her blog is just so.... real. She's super transparent and when I read her blog I almost feel like I'm in her mind or her diary, I'm not sure. She also talks about Christianity a lot and I really like reading her thoughts on everything.  

I read Tolly's blog all the time a while ago and I just recently found it again! She's a fashion blogger and one of the absolutely coolest ones out there! She is all about ethical fashion and talks a lot about buying things second-hand and sustainability. I have learned so much about the fashion industry and how some things really need to change from her blog. Plus her outfits are just cool. 

Vanessa is also kind of an adult because but it's also ok. I have been reading her blog for a while which I low key did not realize when I found her on Instagram. I thought she was someone else honestly lol. But she is the one and only Vannessa! Both her blog and insta and other blog really inspire me to be healthier!

I remember that fateful day sometime last year when Ella launched her blog. A cool day. Probably. I don't actually remember that day. What do you think I have superpowers? She is super sweet and also a fairy. I mean what could you not like about that? I feel like a lot of times people do how to's but they just aren't that helpful or maybe they don't feel real. Ella's posts aren't like that. Here is an example of what I'm talking about. 

There are so many more people I want to include so if you want another post like this make sure to comment down below! 

Do you know any of these bloggers? Who would you add to the list? Should I do another post like this but instead of bloggers, YouTubers?


  1. Awww omg yay!!!! I'm so touched that I'm one of your faves (or the favorite ��) �� I will also definitely be checking out the other bloggers I don't know! Awesome post!!!

  2. yay! new bloggers to follow! XD thank you for sharing -- i've been craving new connections and positive creators :)

  3. AWH NABILA!!! thanks for mentioning me and saying all those lovely things *flails*!! And I haven't heard of all these bloggers before, so I'm going to go and check them all out now x

    Lexie x

    1. Oh my gosh of course Lexie! You should totally check them out. :)

  4. I don't follow most of these people, but I guess my reading list is gonna get even longer now. Great post!

  5. Aww thank you so much for the mention! That means the world to me Nabila!!!! *Lots of hugs*
    I turn twenty in August so I'm a teen for a few more months. ;) Thanks again! <3

  6. Ahh this is such a great list and I have a ton of blogs I'll need to check out! I know some of them too already eep. (I started at 16 and I was an AWFUL blogger back then.😂You are all so professional and amazing and talented already ahh! So much admiration!)

    1. You should so check out all of them you don't already know! They're awesome! Oh my gosh thank you!!!!! I love your blog so so much and that means so much to me. :) :) :) :)

  7. Yesss I needed new bloggers to read! Such an awesome post, keep it up.
    x Ellen from | @ellewenn on Instagram

    1. Awesome! Well you should definitely check these peeps out. :)


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