Monday, May 14, 2018

What's Up With Nabila Including Why She's Taking An Instagram Hiatus, Meeting An Author, And Other Things

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I know you guys already know this is true but I am the queen of long titles. Seriously. So this is another catch up with Nabila post. I want to do more of these and now is as good time as any.  Sooooo enjoy!

-First of all the entire Instagram thing. I started to feel like I was just spending way to much time on it and not enough time on other things like I don’t know, my blog. I was getting behind on reading y’alls posts and it just wasn’t good. I needed to give myself a bit of a breather. But now I am back so make sure to follow me. J

 -I went to an art music festival thing.

-I got to see Kwame Alexander aka the author of crossover and solo AND JUST ALL OF THINGS. He is currently on a book tour for his new book Rebound and my school hosted an event so of course I had to go! I love his writing because they’re free verse novels that I just love. Plus they were giving out free copies of his new book so how could I not go??

-I did the walkout and it was so cool! It made me really happy to see all my fellow students being super into something. 

-I SAW INFINITY WAR AND YES I DIED. I have this thing where I laugh uncontrollably when I’m emotional and being tired definitely helps and that is exactly what happened after the movie. The milkshake my friend gave me probably didn’t help either. It was a good milkshake though. So good actually. Well now I’ve made myself hungry. Moving on to the next thing!

-I celebrated my little sis Eden turning 9! Her birthday is on Cinco De Mayo so that's pretty cool. 

-I saw coco for the first time also AND THAT MOVIE LIKE WHAT. It’s so crazy emotional!! And also so so good! Even my dad said it was one of the best kid films he has seen and that means something. I absolutely loved the story and the ending and it made me really happy. J

-Lots of firsts in this post I also rode and drove a jet ski. I know. So pretty much I was at some persons house that is somehow related to me. No idea how. But anywayyy. I was at a party for one of my little cousins who I also don’t really know how is related to me. But that’s beside the point! My dad said I should come see something so I walk down to where there is a bay/river thing right by the house. One of my other cousins who I kind of know how is related to me, seems to be going like a thousand miles per hour on this Jet Ski. She then proceeds to fall off. So I of course want to do it. I asked my uncle to go with me and it was so much fun! I felt like I was going to fall off the whole time but what does that matter right??? When I got to drive I was at first scared but then it felt super exhilarating and I felt like I was in total control which was the coolest thing ever.

-I saw a bunch of little kids do Sussical and it was honestly so fun. I did Sussical in 5th grade so I still knew all the words haha.

-I absolutely love my friends but I feel like I don’t really have a solid friend group?? In elementary I was so so so lucky that I had a group of some amazing girls. These were the people who I would always want to hang out with and who I would invite to my birthday party. But I feel now if I could only invite 5 people to a party I wouldn’t be able to decide. This might be a good problem and because I have too many friends but I don’t know??? 

-I have big tests coming up but that also means schools almost over! I think at this point I only have two more weeks left of school until summer vacation. I know. It blew my mind too.

-At school currently I am like the blog person. It’s kind of weird. For one, my friends will just be like, “I started reading your blog!”, I of course will blush and ask them if they liked it and they say yes. Second almost all of my friends are starting blogs now. I have started a chain of events. First Isabel. Now THE WORLD. No but at least the people I eat lunch with.

-I did first communion (it’s a Christian thing) at church recently, which was really cool! I went on stage and I talked to the pastor and just lots of things.

-I have realized how much I go to the library at my school. Number one I eat in the library. Yes I am that stereotypical nerd that eats in the library.  Don’t judge my amazingness, I know you think it’s cool. Second I go there anytime I get. I have free time in a class? I already finished the work?? I ask to go to the library. It’s my go to place. I like to think it will make me smarter. Somehow.

-I have realized that one of my greatest fears is regretting things. I don’t actually usually regret things. I’m blessed with that. But I can’t get my mind to realize it. I get scared that I will regret things even though I probably won’t. I remember we were at a show one time before school was starting and I recognized someone who was in my grade that I knew would be going to my school. I just kind of walked by but then I started freaking out. I was thinking how I would regret not talking to her and how I should just go up to her. It was this tiny thing that probably wouldn’t even make a difference but I was going crazy. My mom had to do a breathing exercise thing with me to get my mind off of it.

-I think I’m getting better at improve. Actually no better is not the right word. I’m not getting better but I would say more comfortable. In theatre we are doing a comedy improve show. See I’m not funny or very good at improve so at the beginning I just wasn’t very excited. At all. I’ve been really going out of my comfort zone though and I’m pretty proud of myself haha.

-My house is starting to actually getting built. Long story short, we flooded during Harvey so we decided to tear our old house down and build a new one!! I’m super excited about it. And we have officially started. I think my parents said it should take about a year so expect many updates on it. J

-I got into NJHS aka National Junior Honor Society at school! It’s not actually that big of a deal but it made me happy so I thought I would share. They do a lot of awesome projects around school and hold a bunch of events so I’m looking forward for it next year.

-I did an escape the room and we all failed even though we did seperate rooms but it was still ok. 

-At school the yearbooks came in recently so the yearbook staff including meeeee has been working hard to get them out and everything. They look so good!! Plus I got to go to a fun yearbook event workshop recently which was super duper cool. 

-I think the reality that all of the 8th graders that I’m friends with this year won’t be at my school next year is hitting me kind of hard. I’ve developed some cool friendships with people and it’s going to be so sad to watch them go. L

OK OK I’LL SHUT UP. I hope you liked that little (or maybe a bit more than little) what’s up with Nabila. I really want to know what you guys are up to!! Comment down below!


  1. Wow! You’ve done so much and then there’s me reading a book and watching YouTube videos for three weeks���� but i loved today’s blog post!❤️

    1. Haha thanks Amanda. And seriously this is just making me look cool because everyone wants to look cool. You don't see that the rest of the time I am probably stuffing my face with food and procrastinating homework #mylife. I'm happy you like it!!

  2. It looks like you're having a lot of fun! So happy for you!

  3. Ahh life seems very full and very busy for you!! That's so awesome! Best of luck with the upcoming tests though, eep *sends chocolate* And that's super cool you're building a house and got to meet Kwame Alexander! I read Solo this year and it was sooo good. :D

    1. It is!! Thanks!! Ahhh thanks!! They're going pretty good so far. *crosses fingers* I still have not read Solo (somehow) but I really really want to.

  4. So much has happened to you :O

    Yeah, I get the feeling of not having a solid friendship group, though I never really had many friends. And it's pretty interesting that your blog is getting popular around people in your school. The blogosphere needs more readers!

    1. I guess. But mostly I tried to write a lot to make myself seem cool. Wait I have revealed my master plan. *hides*

      *comes out of hiding cause needs to finish comment first* It's annoying! Yeah but they don't ever comment or anything annoyingly haha.


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