Monday, May 21, 2018

Some Super Nabila Thoughts Aka What I Was Doing That Week I Wasn't On Instagram

Hellllllooooo lovelies! I hope you are having an amazing day. :) I was inspired to do this post by both this and this. You should check out both of those bloggers by the way! They're super cool! I thought it would be so fun to just write down some of my thoughts and just little snippets of my life for a week. I think y'all will either a) see more into how my mind works or b) at least laugh. :) Oh and yes I will be getting back to actual posts that are not just my life next week haha. Let's get started!

-The dancers at my school are so good oh my gosh like how can they physically do that???? Because I
definitely can't do that. And I probably won't be able to. Ever.
-Ate vegetarian sushi bowl my dad made. Happy now.

-Redid Pinterest cover and now I’m so proud of myself.

-Enjoying Instagram break so far. I just have so much more time for other stuff it's cool.
-Just got my yearbook and I’m in it like ten times. Plus it looks so good!! The pages I did are the best,
of course, *flips hair*

-Me: we pretty much only eat Asian or Mexican food
Dad: I mean what else is there??
Me: well true
-You know what’s good?
Food is good
-Something that annoys me if when I’m reading a blog and it’s not that great but it also had 400
followers and like 75 comments. I’m just like how??????? I'm not trying to be mean but you
know what I'm talking about.
-That friend that takes up the whole page in your yearbook and it’s just inside jokes #truefriends.

-I think a lot of people at school think I’m vegetarian because I never eat meat at school but nope just trying to be #healthy. Although I do want to be vegetarian. *shrugs*
-This little house that I played in at school in kindergarten got torn down today and I’m not here for it
-My mom just came home from shopping with my dad and grandparents and told us to put our shoes
on. We then went to a restaurant on a Wednesday and a school night all freaking for this.

-I’m trying to be a lot more healthy. I would say I’m succeeding. Just ate a cheeseburger. Didn’t beat
myself up about it. This is what actually being healthy is.
-I’m that person that has uncontrollable laughter and once laughed when I was doing the
announcements while the whole school was listening. Go me. And that once was today but anyway.
-Just won at Kahoot my life is complete honesty.

-You know sometimes I feel like siblings birthday parties are just an excuse to clean a lot. I mean
-Science teacher talking about pollution: “now no matter what you believe the climate is changing and
humans definitely are most of it”

Me: silently claps and cheers in head
-At a super nerdy thing right now and oh my gosh it’s all my friends.

-Person: Line up in alphabetical order.
Me having a w last name: *goes straight to back*
-Me: can you sing the national anthem?
Other person: depends what key??
Me: only at this school *shakes head and laughs*
-You can know who your true friends are by how they sign your yearbook. If "hags" they don’t really
care/lazy. If "have a great summer" not lazy just don’t care. Just name means just lazy. And so on I’m
tired so not going on
-People are giving me compliments because I’m wearing a pretty dress and honestly I’m living

-Trying to memorize something totally last minute and it’s really not working. One of my strong suits
is not memorizing.
-I’m officially part of the National Junior Honor Society. We just had the ceremony thing and my
parents were there and I got to miss some school honestly largely happy about this. Like very highly
A plus happy right now. And it’s Friday so I’m going to get chick fil A. Just YAYYYYYY
-In science, we're doing projects in science about natural disasters and I got floods. It was fate.
-House is actually getting built yo.

-My friend just did my hair and I’m in a pretty dress for the NJHS thing and honestly feeling so pretty
so yeah
-Science teacher quote: “Besides HEB and Whataburger one of the coolest things about Texas are the
many different ecoregions.
Me: ok then
-It's currently 90+ degrees not cool but it’s ok
-Having noodles made out of zucchini and it’s weirdly amazing?????

I really hoped you like that!! Also, I did a comedy improv show fundraiser thing at school on Friday and ahhhh it was so fun!!! Should I do more posts like this??? What's been a highlight of this month so far?? What grade are you in/how old are you? Do you do theatre? 


  1. This was such a fun little post to read and I love how you did a mini catch up on your entire week! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Heather xoxo

  2. Your pinterest is so pretty!
    Also that dress looks cute on you. ^_^

    This was a good post, you should do more like it.

    1. Thanks girl! I think I'm going to! I had a lot of fun doing it!

  3. Haha, this was a lot of fun to read! Sounds like you've been having a great time lately :) You should definitely do more posts like this!

    1. I have. :) Definitely will be doing more!


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