Monday, May 7, 2018

Q&A Part Twooooo

We are backkkkkkk peoplesssss! I know you have missed me since the fatal day I last posted. Even if it was only a week ago (I know y'all love me you can't say anything lol). Sooooo if you missed it last week I posted the first part of my Q&A!  I asked y'all to send me questions on Instagram and you guys being amazing of course delivered! If you did not see your question answered last time stay tuned because today it definitely will! Also yes I do use to many exclamation marks, I know this. I blame Instagram and social media in general. Also my friends, both irl and online. They're just too cool and making me too happy it's hard not to be excited all the time??? You know??? As you can tell Nabila's feeling funny today. Also a bit weird but it's ok you know??
-What do you like to do on snow days?
I've only had a snow day once or twice but when I did get snow recently it made me so so happy! That time I freaked out and put on all of the cold clothing I could find in my room which admittingly isn't that much. Then I had a snow ball fight with my friend while laughing the whole time and made a mini snowman.

-Where would you most like to travel?
Either London, Egypt, or New York! I can't decide between them at all. London because it sounds so amazing and the amount of blog posts I've read on that place is so much oh my gosh. It almost seems like I have the same amount of blogger friends that live in London then live in all of the United States. Egypt because I'm half Egyptian and also because it has some of the most interesting history being the first developed civilization and all. :) New York because really who doesn't want to go to New York?

-What is your goal for the end of the year?
I'm not sure exactly what you mean haha. For my blog 180 Bloglovin' followers and 1,400 email subscribers. For Instagram it would mean a lot to me to have at least 1,200 by the end of the year. Youtube wise I would love 100 subscribers. 

-Are there any hobbies that you want to pursue in the future?
Number one blogging and just social media in general!! It gives me so so much joy and although I'm not the best it would be the coolest thing to get to be able to pursue in the future for jobs and things. 

-Why did you start your blog?
I had a friend who had a blog and I thought it was so so crazy cool! Plus I thought my friend was the coolest person (I still uphold this belief) so I was like, "Wellllllll if she's doing it, I must be this cool as well!" Sooooo I asked my parents and they agreed. More on the why side I think because I thought it was so cool, a good way to meet new people, and also just somewhere to put my creativity because I didn't feel very comfortable in most other creative settings. :)

-If you didn’t have a blog what would you be doing?
Probably laying on my couch complaining about being bored and convincing my mom to let me watch tv. I was actually thinking the other day how so many of my friends complain about being bored. While I'm never really bored??? And that is because of my blog and things like Instagram. 

-What was the scariest moment of your life?
Starting off strong then Anna haha. I don't get scared that easily and I've found that in crazy and scary moments of my life I just get kind of calm. But if I had to pick one definitely Harvey. Flooding and having to evacuate and just everything was crazyyyyy. I had no idea what was happening and how my stuff was and how my friends were or where anyone was or what we were doing next.

-If you could eat only 1 thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
 Ahhhhh! This is kind of cheating because it's more of a food group but I'm going to say salad. It's super healthy so unlike if I chose something like chocolate I wouldn't die, and there are so many different variations! 

-What’s your favorite food?
Probably sushi! It's one of my absolute favorite things! It's pretty healthy and unlike a hamburger it actually makes me feel good and not bloated which is always helpful.

-What High school do you want to go to?
There are so many different high schools I want to go too!! There are a lot of high schools around where I live. I'll probably just going to end up going to the school I'm zoned to though because it's a good school and close. 

-What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
One hundred percent the people and just amazing human beings I have been able to meet. Yes you guys. The community I am surrounded by on a daily basis online will always always give me joy. I have met some of the coolest people on here ever and people I am so so so honored to know. Whenever y'all comment on my posts it just makes my heart happy. By the way y'all have been commenting less on here and it kind of bums me out so don't be a ghost. Commmmmentttt.  

-Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
One hundred percent a total and absolute extrovert. If you were to look up extrovert in the dictionary my beautiful face would be right there. I get absolutely all of my energy from being with people. I've had numerous days where I'm having an absolutely amazing day and then I get home and on my computer or phone which makes me happy but sometimes I can just feel myself deflating? Does that make sense? Kind of???

I hope y'all loved that!! I really like Q&A's as I think they let me be more personal and is a good way for you guys to find out more about me. :) Alsooooo incase you missed my insta post on it I'm doing an instagram hiatus for a bit so that's why I'm not posting on there. :)

What kind of posts do you want to see on my blog? If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Where do you want to travel? Do you have a blog?


  1. I enjoyed hearing more about you! I will definitely start commenting more. I don't want you to be sad. :D

    1. I'm happy you liked it Ali! Yayyyy! It makes me happy when people comment. :) <3

  2. This was such a lovely post to read. Its lovely to know what different people are and their interests, hobbies etc. Hope to see more posts from you very soon!

    1. Thanks Boudicca! I will definitely be posting more, soon! So happy you like my post. :)

  3. Great answers!
    Sorry about feeling bummed about the comments, I know how that feels. :/
    I don't do the best as I should with keeping up with blogs, but I do want you to know that I do read your blog posts and I really enjoy them, even if I forget to comment. <33

    1. Thanks Gray!
      Awww thanks!! I'm happy you enjoy my blog and yeah I get forgetting to comment. :)

  4. AN EXTROVERT! I envy that haha also love that you are wanting to keep blogging and social media up!

    Simply Me

    1. Haha yeah. I think I'm one of the few bloggers who are. I love blogging and social media a lot. :)

  5. I love q and a's and yours was so much fun to read! I would like to travel to New York, Paris, and London. :)


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