Monday, May 28, 2018

Brands I've Been Loving Lately Including Ten Million Discount Codes Because I'm Just That Nice

If you want to share that that would be cool. Or not. Whatever. 

I'm just the queen of long titles. We all know this. Also random side note I'm currently watching Moana with my little sis so if I randomly belt out into I AM MOANA, that's why. I haven't done a post like this in forever. Actually, I don't think I ever have. I don't talk about actual items a lot?? Today I thought it would be super fun to list some things I have been obsessed with and also include some codes for y'all because I am amazing and nice and I give back to my amazing peoples (I've also been watching too much Jessie Peage and I might have a problem). I've been in this mood for a while now I think this is the new meeeeee. I love all of these companies and I make sure that if I mention anything online I do genuinely love them. I have been so so so lucky that I get to work them. :) Anddddddd I'm also making this a page which I will be updating regularly so check there if you're looking for the things.

*For some of these I would get compensated if you were to use the code/go through my link so it would be cool if you do but don't feel pressured or anything :) :)

If you know me in real life or on Instagram you will know I am all about bracelets. On a normal day, I could be found wearing 13 bracelets. That's just what I do. So, of course, I had to include these! Their bracelets are super cute plus they have other fun stuff if you like that tooooo. 

Sand Clouds mission is the coolest thing! They are all about #savingthefishies and do so much stuff to help sea animals. I follow them on Instagram and they're always posting on their story with stuff about animals and actually, I've learned quite a bit. They have clothes and towels and water bottles and just all of the cuteness. You can use my code "Nabila25" to get 25% off!

You knew this was coming. I love love love jewelry so a jewelry company is inevitable. Their stuff is so cute oh my gosh! I'm kind of obsessed. My two favorite items from them are this super cute necklace and another one that is like a stone. No joke I am wearing a necklace exactly like the second one right now that I absolutely love. Use my code "hottowncoolgirl10" to get 10% off! 

You might have noticed that the link in my Instagram bio isn't your typical Linktree or something like that but instead LYNX! They were super kind to give me a free year of premium but there is also a free version! Basically, it allows you to not only have one link in your bio but instead 2 or 3 or 4 or 7. It's pretty cool. 

With summer coming up people including me are in need of bathing suits and things like hats and skirts. Sunny Co has all of these things. I love their stuff! They're just so cute! Plus you can use my code "Sunny20" for 20% off!

Photage sent me one of there prints a couple months ago and I love it! You can get your photos made into these super cool photo print stickers they will send you. Then you can do a bunch of stuff like them including a bunch of fun decor DIYs! You can the code "nabila" for $5 off! 

Threading water is a clothing company all about providing clean water! They are totally sustainable and care a lot about their workers which I am totally for. I really want one of there tees! You can go here to get a code for 25% off.

I've been loving Wotzel's clothes! They are for reals so cute haha. I really want there "Just Do Nothing" hoodie! 

Halifornia gives me so much California beach watery vibes I can't even. I love their logos and I would love one of there pullovers or t-shirts. I mean who doesn't want more t-shirts truly?? Use my code "NABILAN9820" for 20% off!

Get ready for some skin care brands coming up! Or actually just two. But it's cool. Number one Muddy Body! They have masks and cleansers and a bunch of other stuff all about keeping your face clean and beautiful. You can use my code "Nabila10" to get 10% off! I have been getting really into skincare recently and I would love one of there masks. 

Another skin care brand but this one is all about acne! Seriously I'm not exaggerating I find this brand and concept just the coolest. You take a selfie and the app analyzes it. Then they send you products that will work for you and your skin type. It's all customized. You can use my code "heart-151" for 30% off!

Yes yes, I know anotherrrrr bracelet/jewelry brand. But I love bracelets ok. I stated that earlier. Don't judge my amazingness. They have a bunch of bracelets I want! They look homemade but in a good way. If that makes sense??? Pura Vida also has these super pretty wave rings that I absolutely love! You can use my code "NABILAWILSON20" for 20% off!

This has to be by far my favorite one on the list!!! It's a small Etsy shop and they kindly sent me these two super cute pairs of earrings. When I first wore the rainbow oh my gosh y'all. I felt so cute. I somehow felt cuter than I normally do???? That's hard to do???? Probably because I think really highly of myself but whatever. Plus I got so many compliments. Like more than on a normal day. Which is again hard to do. I'm a very liked human being. *nods* Then the next day I wore the stud earrings which are also so cute. People first asked me what they are (I have no idea) and second if I actually made my earrings (also nope but I might have just shrugged. I like to be thought of as cool ok do not judge me.) Anyway moral of the story all (or at least the ones that I got) of her earrings are so crazy cute and also super creative! No chance of clashing with your friends. Andddddddd I also have a code. I know you are so surprised. Use the code "FILIGRATTI10" for 10$ off a purchase of two earrings or more and free shipping to the US. Pretty coolio in my opinion. It will only work for the first 5 people though so you better hurry! 

I get out of school IN LIKE 3 DAYS for summer vacay and I'm honestly so freaking excited about it. 

What's a brand you've been loving lately? What's something you bought recently? Do you do/like online or offline shopping more? Would anyone be willing to buy me anything listed above??? Because honestly, that would be super cool. 

Monday, May 21, 2018

Some Super Nabila Thoughts Aka What I Was Doing That Week I Wasn't On Instagram

Hellllllooooo lovelies! I hope you are having an amazing day. :) I was inspired to do this post by both this and this. You should check out both of those bloggers by the way! They're super cool! I thought it would be so fun to just write down some of my thoughts and just little snippets of my life for a week. I think y'all will either a) see more into how my mind works or b) at least laugh. :) Oh and yes I will be getting back to actual posts that are not just my life next week haha. Let's get started!

-The dancers at my school are so good oh my gosh like how can they physically do that???? Because I
definitely can't do that. And I probably won't be able to. Ever.
-Ate vegetarian sushi bowl my dad made. Happy now.

-Redid Pinterest cover and now I’m so proud of myself.

-Enjoying Instagram break so far. I just have so much more time for other stuff it's cool.
-Just got my yearbook and I’m in it like ten times. Plus it looks so good!! The pages I did are the best,
of course, *flips hair*

-Me: we pretty much only eat Asian or Mexican food
Dad: I mean what else is there??
Me: well true
-You know what’s good?
Food is good
-Something that annoys me if when I’m reading a blog and it’s not that great but it also had 400
followers and like 75 comments. I’m just like how??????? I'm not trying to be mean but you
know what I'm talking about.
-That friend that takes up the whole page in your yearbook and it’s just inside jokes #truefriends.

-I think a lot of people at school think I’m vegetarian because I never eat meat at school but nope just trying to be #healthy. Although I do want to be vegetarian. *shrugs*
-This little house that I played in at school in kindergarten got torn down today and I’m not here for it
-My mom just came home from shopping with my dad and grandparents and told us to put our shoes
on. We then went to a restaurant on a Wednesday and a school night all freaking for this.

-I’m trying to be a lot more healthy. I would say I’m succeeding. Just ate a cheeseburger. Didn’t beat
myself up about it. This is what actually being healthy is.
-I’m that person that has uncontrollable laughter and once laughed when I was doing the
announcements while the whole school was listening. Go me. And that once was today but anyway.
-Just won at Kahoot my life is complete honesty.

-You know sometimes I feel like siblings birthday parties are just an excuse to clean a lot. I mean
-Science teacher talking about pollution: “now no matter what you believe the climate is changing and
humans definitely are most of it”

Me: silently claps and cheers in head
-At a super nerdy thing right now and oh my gosh it’s all my friends.

-Person: Line up in alphabetical order.
Me having a w last name: *goes straight to back*
-Me: can you sing the national anthem?
Other person: depends what key??
Me: only at this school *shakes head and laughs*
-You can know who your true friends are by how they sign your yearbook. If "hags" they don’t really
care/lazy. If "have a great summer" not lazy just don’t care. Just name means just lazy. And so on I’m
tired so not going on
-People are giving me compliments because I’m wearing a pretty dress and honestly I’m living

-Trying to memorize something totally last minute and it’s really not working. One of my strong suits
is not memorizing.
-I’m officially part of the National Junior Honor Society. We just had the ceremony thing and my
parents were there and I got to miss some school honestly largely happy about this. Like very highly
A plus happy right now. And it’s Friday so I’m going to get chick fil A. Just YAYYYYYY
-In science, we're doing projects in science about natural disasters and I got floods. It was fate.
-House is actually getting built yo.

-My friend just did my hair and I’m in a pretty dress for the NJHS thing and honestly feeling so pretty
so yeah
-Science teacher quote: “Besides HEB and Whataburger one of the coolest things about Texas are the
many different ecoregions.
Me: ok then
-It's currently 90+ degrees not cool but it’s ok
-Having noodles made out of zucchini and it’s weirdly amazing?????

I really hoped you like that!! Also, I did a comedy improv show fundraiser thing at school on Friday and ahhhh it was so fun!!! Should I do more posts like this??? What's been a highlight of this month so far?? What grade are you in/how old are you? Do you do theatre? 

Monday, May 14, 2018

What's Up With Nabila Including Why She's Taking An Instagram Hiatus, Meeting An Author, And Other Things

Feel free to share any of my posts on Pinterest by the way. Or any social media at all for that matter. 

I know you guys already know this is true but I am the queen of long titles. Seriously. So this is another catch up with Nabila post. I want to do more of these and now is as good time as any.  Sooooo enjoy!

-First of all the entire Instagram thing. I started to feel like I was just spending way to much time on it and not enough time on other things like I don’t know, my blog. I was getting behind on reading y’alls posts and it just wasn’t good. I needed to give myself a bit of a breather. But now I am back so make sure to follow me. J

 -I went to an art music festival thing.

-I got to see Kwame Alexander aka the author of crossover and solo AND JUST ALL OF THINGS. He is currently on a book tour for his new book Rebound and my school hosted an event so of course I had to go! I love his writing because they’re free verse novels that I just love. Plus they were giving out free copies of his new book so how could I not go??

-I did the walkout and it was so cool! It made me really happy to see all my fellow students being super into something. 

-I SAW INFINITY WAR AND YES I DIED. I have this thing where I laugh uncontrollably when I’m emotional and being tired definitely helps and that is exactly what happened after the movie. The milkshake my friend gave me probably didn’t help either. It was a good milkshake though. So good actually. Well now I’ve made myself hungry. Moving on to the next thing!

-I celebrated my little sis Eden turning 9! Her birthday is on Cinco De Mayo so that's pretty cool. 

-I saw coco for the first time also AND THAT MOVIE LIKE WHAT. It’s so crazy emotional!! And also so so good! Even my dad said it was one of the best kid films he has seen and that means something. I absolutely loved the story and the ending and it made me really happy. J

-Lots of firsts in this post I also rode and drove a jet ski. I know. So pretty much I was at some persons house that is somehow related to me. No idea how. But anywayyy. I was at a party for one of my little cousins who I also don’t really know how is related to me. But that’s beside the point! My dad said I should come see something so I walk down to where there is a bay/river thing right by the house. One of my other cousins who I kind of know how is related to me, seems to be going like a thousand miles per hour on this Jet Ski. She then proceeds to fall off. So I of course want to do it. I asked my uncle to go with me and it was so much fun! I felt like I was going to fall off the whole time but what does that matter right??? When I got to drive I was at first scared but then it felt super exhilarating and I felt like I was in total control which was the coolest thing ever.

-I saw a bunch of little kids do Sussical and it was honestly so fun. I did Sussical in 5th grade so I still knew all the words haha.

-I absolutely love my friends but I feel like I don’t really have a solid friend group?? In elementary I was so so so lucky that I had a group of some amazing girls. These were the people who I would always want to hang out with and who I would invite to my birthday party. But I feel now if I could only invite 5 people to a party I wouldn’t be able to decide. This might be a good problem and because I have too many friends but I don’t know??? 

-I have big tests coming up but that also means schools almost over! I think at this point I only have two more weeks left of school until summer vacation. I know. It blew my mind too.

-At school currently I am like the blog person. It’s kind of weird. For one, my friends will just be like, “I started reading your blog!”, I of course will blush and ask them if they liked it and they say yes. Second almost all of my friends are starting blogs now. I have started a chain of events. First Isabel. Now THE WORLD. No but at least the people I eat lunch with.

-I did first communion (it’s a Christian thing) at church recently, which was really cool! I went on stage and I talked to the pastor and just lots of things.

-I have realized how much I go to the library at my school. Number one I eat in the library. Yes I am that stereotypical nerd that eats in the library.  Don’t judge my amazingness, I know you think it’s cool. Second I go there anytime I get. I have free time in a class? I already finished the work?? I ask to go to the library. It’s my go to place. I like to think it will make me smarter. Somehow.

-I have realized that one of my greatest fears is regretting things. I don’t actually usually regret things. I’m blessed with that. But I can’t get my mind to realize it. I get scared that I will regret things even though I probably won’t. I remember we were at a show one time before school was starting and I recognized someone who was in my grade that I knew would be going to my school. I just kind of walked by but then I started freaking out. I was thinking how I would regret not talking to her and how I should just go up to her. It was this tiny thing that probably wouldn’t even make a difference but I was going crazy. My mom had to do a breathing exercise thing with me to get my mind off of it.

-I think I’m getting better at improve. Actually no better is not the right word. I’m not getting better but I would say more comfortable. In theatre we are doing a comedy improve show. See I’m not funny or very good at improve so at the beginning I just wasn’t very excited. At all. I’ve been really going out of my comfort zone though and I’m pretty proud of myself haha.

-My house is starting to actually getting built. Long story short, we flooded during Harvey so we decided to tear our old house down and build a new one!! I’m super excited about it. And we have officially started. I think my parents said it should take about a year so expect many updates on it. J

-I got into NJHS aka National Junior Honor Society at school! It’s not actually that big of a deal but it made me happy so I thought I would share. They do a lot of awesome projects around school and hold a bunch of events so I’m looking forward for it next year.

-I did an escape the room and we all failed even though we did seperate rooms but it was still ok. 

-At school the yearbooks came in recently so the yearbook staff including meeeee has been working hard to get them out and everything. They look so good!! Plus I got to go to a fun yearbook event workshop recently which was super duper cool. 

-I think the reality that all of the 8th graders that I’m friends with this year won’t be at my school next year is hitting me kind of hard. I’ve developed some cool friendships with people and it’s going to be so sad to watch them go. L

OK OK I’LL SHUT UP. I hope you liked that little (or maybe a bit more than little) what’s up with Nabila. I really want to know what you guys are up to!! Comment down below!

Monday, May 7, 2018

Q&A Part Twooooo

We are backkkkkkk peoplesssss! I know you have missed me since the fatal day I last posted. Even if it was only a week ago (I know y'all love me you can't say anything lol). Sooooo if you missed it last week I posted the first part of my Q&A!  I asked y'all to send me questions on Instagram and you guys being amazing of course delivered! If you did not see your question answered last time stay tuned because today it definitely will! Also yes I do use to many exclamation marks, I know this. I blame Instagram and social media in general. Also my friends, both irl and online. They're just too cool and making me too happy it's hard not to be excited all the time??? You know??? As you can tell Nabila's feeling funny today. Also a bit weird but it's ok you know??
-What do you like to do on snow days?
I've only had a snow day once or twice but when I did get snow recently it made me so so happy! That time I freaked out and put on all of the cold clothing I could find in my room which admittingly isn't that much. Then I had a snow ball fight with my friend while laughing the whole time and made a mini snowman.

-Where would you most like to travel?
Either London, Egypt, or New York! I can't decide between them at all. London because it sounds so amazing and the amount of blog posts I've read on that place is so much oh my gosh. It almost seems like I have the same amount of blogger friends that live in London then live in all of the United States. Egypt because I'm half Egyptian and also because it has some of the most interesting history being the first developed civilization and all. :) New York because really who doesn't want to go to New York?

-What is your goal for the end of the year?
I'm not sure exactly what you mean haha. For my blog 180 Bloglovin' followers and 1,400 email subscribers. For Instagram it would mean a lot to me to have at least 1,200 by the end of the year. Youtube wise I would love 100 subscribers. 

-Are there any hobbies that you want to pursue in the future?
Number one blogging and just social media in general!! It gives me so so much joy and although I'm not the best it would be the coolest thing to get to be able to pursue in the future for jobs and things. 

-Why did you start your blog?
I had a friend who had a blog and I thought it was so so crazy cool! Plus I thought my friend was the coolest person (I still uphold this belief) so I was like, "Wellllllll if she's doing it, I must be this cool as well!" Sooooo I asked my parents and they agreed. More on the why side I think because I thought it was so cool, a good way to meet new people, and also just somewhere to put my creativity because I didn't feel very comfortable in most other creative settings. :)

-If you didn’t have a blog what would you be doing?
Probably laying on my couch complaining about being bored and convincing my mom to let me watch tv. I was actually thinking the other day how so many of my friends complain about being bored. While I'm never really bored??? And that is because of my blog and things like Instagram. 

-What was the scariest moment of your life?
Starting off strong then Anna haha. I don't get scared that easily and I've found that in crazy and scary moments of my life I just get kind of calm. But if I had to pick one definitely Harvey. Flooding and having to evacuate and just everything was crazyyyyy. I had no idea what was happening and how my stuff was and how my friends were or where anyone was or what we were doing next.

-If you could eat only 1 thing for the rest of your life what would it be?
 Ahhhhh! This is kind of cheating because it's more of a food group but I'm going to say salad. It's super healthy so unlike if I chose something like chocolate I wouldn't die, and there are so many different variations! 

-What’s your favorite food?
Probably sushi! It's one of my absolute favorite things! It's pretty healthy and unlike a hamburger it actually makes me feel good and not bloated which is always helpful.

-What High school do you want to go to?
There are so many different high schools I want to go too!! There are a lot of high schools around where I live. I'll probably just going to end up going to the school I'm zoned to though because it's a good school and close. 

-What’s your favorite thing about blogging?
One hundred percent the people and just amazing human beings I have been able to meet. Yes you guys. The community I am surrounded by on a daily basis online will always always give me joy. I have met some of the coolest people on here ever and people I am so so so honored to know. Whenever y'all comment on my posts it just makes my heart happy. By the way y'all have been commenting less on here and it kind of bums me out so don't be a ghost. Commmmmentttt.  

-Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
One hundred percent a total and absolute extrovert. If you were to look up extrovert in the dictionary my beautiful face would be right there. I get absolutely all of my energy from being with people. I've had numerous days where I'm having an absolutely amazing day and then I get home and on my computer or phone which makes me happy but sometimes I can just feel myself deflating? Does that make sense? Kind of???

I hope y'all loved that!! I really like Q&A's as I think they let me be more personal and is a good way for you guys to find out more about me. :) Alsooooo incase you missed my insta post on it I'm doing an instagram hiatus for a bit so that's why I'm not posting on there. :)

What kind of posts do you want to see on my blog? If you could eat only one thing for the rest of your life what would it be? Where do you want to travel? Do you have a blog?

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