Monday, April 30, 2018

Q&A Including What Inspires Me, Instagram Tips, And What I Want To be When I Grow Up

A bit ago I asked y'all to send me some fun questions over on my Instagram! I thought it would be so
fun and also perfect if there are any new people who want to get to know me a bit better! You guys
being your amazing selves did not disappoint and I got some awesome questions!! I got so many
awesome questions in fact I'm going to be splitting this up into two parts. Today is part one and
next week you can check back in for part two! I hope you guys like this post and
shameless self promo but if you do like my blog and haven't already followed than I would absolutely
love love love if you could!! Ok lets get started. :)

How long have you been blogging?
I have officially been blogging for 4 years now!! And I'm 13 so that's a little under a 4th of my life. Wow. The first two years were a bit on and off BUT STILL IT COUNTS OK DON'T QUESTION ME.

What inspires you?
The people and the world around me!! If you just look around and truly be aware of the world and people around you will be absolutely amazed at the things that you can see and get ideas from.

What are your tips on growing a lager Instagram following and having active followers?
Post consistently! I try to post every other day and I think its working. Number two hashtags are something that is easy and will grow your following so so much!! Use them. I promise you its worth it. Regarding having an active following you need to be active with them. Follow the people who follow you and like and comment genuine things on there posts. But seriously I know almost nothing about Instagram and I am always always trying to learn. :) :)

What career do you want when you grow up?
I don't know! I do know thought that I want to do something that has to do with people and also writing and photography so maybe pr or journalism.

If you could live anywhere else than you do right now... where would you live?
Currently I live in Houston and I love it here but if not here than either London, New York, or somewhere in California. As you can tell I love big cities. :)

Would you rather be a famous singer or a famous dancer?
Definitely singer! I love dancing but I have absolutely no talent for it. I feel like if I was a singer the chance of falling on my face might me just a bit less.

Would you rather be able to rewind time or go into the future?
I feel like both of those would be quite risky and have a high chance of me messing something up haha. I feel like I would try to spy on my parents if I went back in time and then I would make them never meet so never have be so basically killing myself and my siblings.

I always want to be a marine biologist or an astrologist,
What about you ?
Honestly neither of those things interest me at all haha. 

How did purple become your favorite color?
If you have been reading my blog for a while you might know that hot pink actually used to be my favorite color. I think around 5th grade I kind of grew out of the pink. I absolutely love purple because it's strong, girly, elegant, and both soothing and bold at the same time. Plus purple is my school color so it's pretty coolio.

How long have you had your Instagram account for?
October 7th, 2017! That means it has been about 7 months. That is actually so crazy. I can't believe it's been that long! 

I hoped you enjoyed that and if you did make sure to check back next week for part twoooooo. All of the peeps that asked questions I have linked to and they are all so cool so make sure to check them out! Comment down below your answers!


  1. I loved this post! And thanks for featuring my question!!❤️

    1. Ahhh so happy you like it Amanda! And totally girl!!

  2. We’re actually so similar haha!! i’d love to go into PR or journalism too (they are my dream jobs!!) and the 3 places I’d most love to live out in California, London or New York!!

    Lexie x

    1. Oh my gosh that's so cool! I mean we are both pretty amazing so that does make sense. *flips hair*

  3. So fun seeing your answers. <3 <3 <3

  4. The world is also what inspires me to write stories. I probably need to get out more to get more experiences, though.

    1. Right!? Isn't the world the most inspiring thing?? Haha same :)