Monday, April 23, 2018

Art Car Parade!

I go to the art car parade every year and this year was no exception! Sooo on the fateful day of *tries to remember day* ummmmm April 15 at around 1ish we packed up our stuff and drove to downtown!

I also did a vlog for it so check that out if you want and make sure to subscribe to my channel. :)

There were just like a bunch of cameras on this one which I found cool. 

It's a traiiiinnnnn.

Ok so right near us was this British family and they all talked in the accent. There was this one little kid and he came up to me and talked to me AND OH MY GOSH THE CUTENESS

Cool rey costume.

People really like star wars haha. 

It's the mystery machine! I liked this one because the people on it seemed so happy and they were blasting music. 

I didn't exactly get this one but they were hitting the bar things and making this cool music which I thought was cool. 

The library had one!! They have never had one before and I loved it so much!! There were a bunch of books covers plastered on it with create and explore on the sides.

One of my favorite ones. 

It's a zebra princess. She commands all of the zebra people. 

The radio station I was on!

They had a bunch of these low rider cars and they went up and down which looked really cool.

I didn't really get this one but I'm pretty sure it was about how we're killing the planet and climate change and everything.

It's like a fountain and the water comes out in tune with music. I saw a house around Christmas that did the same thing and I'm obsessed with the idea!

A peackockkkkk. 

The roller derby peeps! If anyone remembers my mom actually used to do roller derby. Yes I know my mom is cooler than yours you don't have to tell me.  

Ok so before the parade started my dad and I were walking around and I noticed this car type thing and mentioned how the person who was driving it looked so cool. I think my exact words were like "I love her hair," because the person had this fun wig on. And my dad responded saying how I couldn't know if it was a boy or girl and I just laughed and we moved on. As we were walking back to where we were sitting I looked at the person and and noticed he had a beard and I realized he actually was a guy and we laughed. 

This guy was doing cool tricks and going up and stuff but I he looked like he was going to fall backwards every time and it kind of freaked me out. 

Rainbow yo

It's a big flying monster

I'm going to blow your mind but this one was actually made my an elementary that some of my friends went to!

The people on top were old guys and they had paint on there face and were just rocking out to these songs and it was quite awesome. 

March for our lives and moms demand action float!

I like this pic because it just seems so cool but the actual car is a plus as well. 

The real life bat mobile! 

It's the one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater. If you get this you get extra points. 

Doesn't that just look so cool??

A cool one thanking all the peeps who helped during harvey. Fun fact the thing that we evacuated on looked a bit like that except bigger. 

Have you ever been to a parade? Was it awesome? Which car was your favorite? What kind of posts do you want to see from me next?


  1. These are so cool! I want that rainbow minivan.
    Also, quick explanation for the Volkswagen one: Last year some guys were doing an emissions test on different cars by driving them around the country, and it turned out that while Volkswagen was supposedly an eco-friendly car, it was actually putting out a ton more emissions than they said. So that's what that's about.

  2. Also, I think there might be something wrong with your html? Stuff isn't loading right and there's a copy of your post embedded inside the post.

    1. Wait really?? That's so weird!! Can you maybe send me a screen shot or just check again to make sure that problem is still there?

  3. dIgs girls video on it is awesome! Check out her channel on YouTube and also see the blog I did with her on her channel! I love watching you Vida, you should post more <3

    1. You know if I didn't know you I would think this was spam lol.

  4. This girls video on it is awesome! Check out her channel on YouTube and also see the vlog I did with her on her channel! I love watching you Videos, you should post more <3

  5. That mystery machine is the bomb!!

    1. Right?! That was one of my favorite ones!


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