Monday, March 19, 2018

How are you?

I don't know why you stay here
With me
I'm crazy
I'm this girl
And I'm one of the broken ones
I'm not normal
Far from it
You are this amazing person
And you're kind
And just wonderful
And I'm me
You know I had an interesting childhood
My parents divorced
When I was 8
I had two rooms
One at my moms
And one at my dads
My mom was lawyer
A good job and all
So she could support me
Which was good I guess
But she was never really home
My dad on the other hand
For lack of better words
He was a drunk
A couple months after my 14th birthday
He was found
On the side of road
My thing with loss
Is that I just can't
I just can't rap my head around it
Like how could someone live
And breathe
And then the next second
Just not
Like what about there soul
Where does that go
I think
Well I was raised christian
But I think that it goes into the ones closest to them
To watch over us
I mean
I'm over it
Don't worry or anything
But yeah I do have to admit
It is still hard
I lived with my mom after that
But she was never the same
After well my dad died
Or as she called it
"The incident"
Whatever the heck that means
I think she still did love him
Or at least care for him
Even when they weren't together
He was an idiot though
At least as far as I could tell
She started staying home more
Not with me though
Looking back now
I think she had some mental problems
Runs in the family I guess
I actually approached her about it
But she denided everything
Saying I didn't know what I was talking about
I retorted with
Actually mom I'm 17
And I know what I'm talking about
More than you do these days
You know I've always wanted a brother or sister
I'm an only child
Mom has had some interactions with men
But not much of anything serious
She was kind of dorky
In that weird agressive way
And I think that drove guys away
But also who wants to marry a women
Who's husband died
And has a child
And is probably crazy
I think you've been like that for me
A sibling I mean
I mean not that I would know
Now that I think about it
Yeah no I was wrong
I think I like you actually
Not that it matters
Because I'm pretty sure
Well that you don't
But you know
Its ok
We can keep being friends
I mean only if you want
Ummmmmm anyway
How are you?
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  1. Weird coincidence alert: I posted something called 'How Are You?' today as well! Completely different content, but cool, right?
    Gracie @

  2. Can I hug this post? Because this is amazing. <3
    So often we get caught up in trying to appear perfect that we forget that no one is, and that everyone is broken and needs help. Love this. <33

  3. This is quite... dark. But I don't want to be nosy and probe?

    I hope you're enjoying yourself these days. Have a nice day ^^

    1. It is which actually doesn't reflect my mood at all haha. I've honestly bean really really happy. :) :)

  4. This is an impressive piece of writing, kid. I'd like to see it performed as a stand-up. Very well done!


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