Monday, March 5, 2018

Enough Is Enough

So, I was having some feelings the other day
So, I was like
Oh, why don't I write a post
So here are my feelings

As everyone should know
There was a shooting recently
At a high school in Florida
17 innocent people died

The really truly sad thing
Is that
Well I'm not that shocked
By that sentence at all

Honestly when I first heard the news
I was sad of course
And crazy annoyed
But was I surprised?
Or think it was maybe out of the ordinary?
Not really

12 school shootings already this year
Like that makes so much sense
You know the US only has 5% of the population
And 43% of the guns if I remember correctly
And guess what
It also has one of the biggest deaths by firearms

So, I was looking up recently
Why this shooting was being talked about so much more
And longer than the others
And I found an article
That I can't find anymore
But it was talking about how
The reason is
Really because of the students

Of people like Emma Gonzales
Who gave this crazy amazing speech
And all the students who went to Parkland
And all the students around the country

Who are standing up
And organizing walkouts
And marches
And just everything
Like seriously
Fun fact did a walkout at my school!

And this might be just me being like overly optimistic
But I'm one of those people
Who isn't ever that optimistic
Without proof or logic
But I really do think
Some things will change
And that is so crazy amazing!!
Because things do need to change

The gunman
Was 19
Why was a 19 year old allowed to have a gun???????
And one with a record of bad behavior
Like ummmmm what???
So, he pulled the fire alarm
And then walked out with the other students
I must say kind of smart actually
And now 17 more people are dead

Yes, the right to bear arms
Is in the Constitution
But see those guns
Could fire what like one bullet a minute
Yeah some of ours now can fire 45
The guns have changed
And now the laws should as well

That Monday after the shooting
In my theatre class
The teacher sat us down
And she talked what to do in an intruder drill
We already knew but she was going over it

And people kept asking questions like
Well what if someone is pointing a gun at you
Or how would we escape the room if we had to
And my teacher answered honestly
Which was amazing
She's amazing
But it made me sad

And then one student
Decided to ask
If the teacher would put herself in the line of fire
For a student
And my teacher said yes
Without any thought
Because she said it was her job

Like why do we have to have these conversations????
I'm like kind of tearing up
You know just a bit

Oh and then guess what Trump says
He says we should then arm teachers
So that they can you know protect people

I know he doesn't believe in science or any statistics
But it has been proven so many times over
That more guns
Equal more death
And that a good guy with a gun
Does not defeat a bad one
Just sayin

But then I was also having a conversation
With someone in my class
Who is smart
And he was saying
How he couldn't decide if the arming teachers thing
Was good or not
I like flipped out on him
But that also made me realize
This maybe isn't like an all-around held opinion
Even with people who are for gun reform

Oh, and while I was talking to him
This other guy interjected
And said something for guns
I forgot what it was
And me being me
Started saying how he was wrong
And explaining facts and probably just being like super annoying lol
And then he stopped, saying how he didn't want to talk about something
If his opinion wouldn't be respected
That honestly interested me so much

Change needs to happen
This was sad
Participate and help in any way you can

Thoughts and prayers aren't enough 

Edit: Trump actually started talking about something against guns and stuff??? I'm surprised?? And like confused?? But this is good I guess???


Yeah as you can see I have some feelings LOL. I really want to know everyone’s thoughts and everything so comment them down below!! 

What did you think when you first heard the news? What are your thoughts on the whole gun subject in general? Have you participated in any walkouts or anything like that in your school or community?


  1. I'm not from the US, so I probably have a mixture of stronger views and less stronger ones. I'm definitely anti-gun though, as we're no longer living in an age where guns are necessary for civilians. Generally, the opinion in Scotland EVERY time this happens is just downright disbelief that this is a conversation in America still, because to us it seems so obvious- get rid of guns! We really don't respect or even understand American gun culture. In Scotland we had one school shooting in 1996 - in a primary (elementary) school and everyone was so horrified we banned guns and increased security in our schools. Obviously we're a much smaller country, but we've not had it happen again, so we just think why does America not realise that to stop gun violence they need to get rid of guns?

    I LOVE that you're having marches and having this conversation on your blog Nabila - it's amazing, well done <3

    Anne //

    1. I AGREE SO MUCH!!! Like why would you even need guns???? And I think that that view is held by a lot countries about america which is just terrible and ugggggggg. And some people are so stupid!! When we have stuff like this there like oh we should just increase security or have report people better which is good but ALSO UMMM THE WHOLE GUN THING LIKE HELLLLLO PEOPLE!

      Thanks so much Anne! Thanks for commenting!!

  2. After a google search, I have determined that a musket used in the revolutionary war could be reloaded and fired again in about 30 seconds, if you had practice. That is not at all comparable to an assault rifle!!!
    My dad mentioned that arming teachers could provide an angry student with a gun. What if the 19 year old that killed 17 people in Florida had gotten into the supply closet and gotten a gun there? I'm sure that the death toll would be much higher. Putting guns in schools will fuel the problem.
    This brings to mind a lyric from a Green Day song: "We will be seen but not be heard." Everyone's heard of the shooting, they've seen it, but they don't get the message and they don't do anything about it. Something seriously needs to change.
    Thank you for posting about this.

    1. I honestly just made that up lol. :) But yeah it so doesn't at all compare!!
      That's so so true! Having guns in school just makes them more accessible!
      Something does need to change!
      Thanks for commenting!

  3. i'm late to this post as i am to pretty much everything else lol, but this post was honestly so amazing and inspirational. I started getting more into your blog and I can honestly the type of person you are can be seen through our writing. Your confident, amazing, kind, and unapologetic about who you are. We need more people like you in this world. Just keep doing what your doing and I promise you'll go places. Never apologize for being true to yourself k?

    1. Awwww I'm so happy you like it!! This made me happy, thank you so much girly. :) :) :)


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