Monday, February 26, 2018



Is this true?
The dislike I feel


I will keep saying it
And saying it
Until finally
Finally, you hear
What I have to say


When will you actually listen?


You know
I'm started to wonder
And why
We were ever friends


You don't even seem to understand me at all


With your childish games
You confuse me
I don't think you understand
We're not kids anymore


You know I used to look up to you
When we were younger


You were this crazy cool individual
Friends with everyone
Didn't care what anyone thought


And I loved that
Then we became friends
And it was good


But now I'm not so sure


You must have changed
But I guess so have I


We are just so different now
We've both matured
And that's ok
Maybe one of us more than the other


Friends do grow apart
I guess
It's a normal thing


Do you realize now how much you meant to me?
I am having a hard time
Coming to peace
With how we really aren't friends anymore
Even when
I don't think you ever thought of us
As true friends


I guess


                                                                                                                              -July 31, 2016

At first when I read this (found it in my notebook) I thought it was about a falling out I had with a friend last year, but the date is totally wrong, so I don't know. It's also kind of terrible and over dramatic, but now you can see how I've gotten better. :) If you haven't already followed me on bloglovin' and Instagram (I just hit 500 on there actually!!), it would make my day if you could! Also, I'm going to be doing a more of these types of posts in the future because I've been writing quite a bit of short story type things and poems like this! 

What type of posts would you like to see more from me? Have you had any bad friend breakups? What's your biggest friend related advice? What time is it where you are right now? Are you a blogger? If so make sure to comment your blog url!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Small Things You Can Change To Just Be An Overall Happier And More Productive Human Being

Something I've really worked on this past maybe year and a half is being more positive. One of the things that both kind of amazes me and just makes me so so happy is that I would say I've actually accomplished this! If you've met me recently, especially through social media, you will know I am pretty positive. I absolutely always try to find the bright side of things and I'm just an overall really quite happy human being.

I definitely wasn't always like that, though. I'm honestly not sure exactly what flipped for me. Maybe just all the bad things I heard about middle school and I couldn't deal with having a bad three years so I made up this happiness?? Or maybe I'm just like more mature?? Not sure??

Today, I'm going to be listing a bunch of small and super-easy tips to help you be more positive and happy and productive and just cool. :) I'm honestly really excited for this post as I think people online are always so negative (which I hate) but this is a post literally about how to be positive and happy and stuff SO IT'S GOOD.

1. Don't Hate Mondays

Mondays are one of those things that are just universally hated. And, yeah, I get it. When you've been having a nice weekend, it's hard to go back to school/work. You're tired and don't want to wake up early after sleeping in. Buuuuttttt just like most things on this list it's all about the mindset. Instead, think of it a fresh start. A new challenge to overcome. A new opportunity to succeed. Also, just don't go to bed late on Sunday. That will just make you tired on Monday, which will make it even worse. 

2. Wear What Makes You Feel Good

Lately, I've learned what types of clothes make me happy, which is just awesome! Instead of just wearing something that you don't really like, maybe make a little more effort and wear something you do like. This is one of the easiest ways to lift your mood because it's an all-day thing! Wearing something you like can refer to both dressing up or just feeling lazy and wearing sweatpants. When I'm wearing my boots and one of my cool colored pants I just feel so much better about myself. :)

Me wearing something I like! 

3. Let Yourself Have Lazy Days 

Just being lazy sometimes is so important. When you have an endless checklist of just stuff it's so stressful. I was definitely doing this to myself this summer with the whole posting everyday thing. I was giving myself too much to do and making these lists and getting myself all worked up over stuff that was really no big deal. Feel free--at least sometimes--to be lazy. Wear pajamas and binge watch tv. It's okay. Really. You have my permission.

4. Surround Yourself With People You Love

Whether it's family or friends, try to surround yourself with people who make you happy. If you ever have a friend who may not really be a friend, just...don't. Try not to hang out with that person that much. In addition, try to reach out to people, and try not to be afraid to be vulnerable. When I'm sad, my cure-all is hanging out with my friends. 

5. Be A Part Of Something

For example, don't be afraid to join some clubs at school! Or audition for the school musical! When you're a part of something, at least for me, it feels like I have a purpose, you know? This is also a fabulous way to make friends! And as noted above, friends are very cool. Plus, when you actually get into whatever it is...boom! Instant energy booster! :)

6. Have A Hobby

Have something that just makes you, you. That way, when you introduce yourself in an interview or Instagram bio, you can say "Hi I'm *insert your name* and I love *insert thing.*" For a while, I felt like I just wasn't that great at anything and that I didn't have anything that made me, me. That was not good and I realized that first of all, I'm great at lots of things and that you don't have to be perfect at anything. But also I really embraced blogging and it's made me so much happier!

7. Get The Amount Of Sleep That You Need

One of the worst things ever for mood is when you're tired and just don't want to function. Instead of just slugging around all day, first of all, know your body. Know how much sleep you need to function well. I know lots of people can actually stay up late but quite a lot of people just can't and they need a lot of sleep. So who are you? Know yourself. Know if you need sleep and how much and try to stick to that. NO ALL NIGHTERS.

8. Don't Watch Local News

Local news is seriously depressing. Like seriously. It's just a bunch of random people dying and being murdered and just ugggggg. The other day, one of my classmates who flooded just moved back into her house and then it freaking burns down and it was on the news and someone told me this AND IT'S SAD OK BEING SAD EQUALS NOT HAPPY. I'm not like still really emotional about this can't you notice??? Haha yeah.... And shootings and just ugggggggg. 

9. Eat Fresh And Healthy 

I've been bringing a salad to school lately, and I honestly love it! I used to just take regular sandwiches, and it was always kind of bland and definitely didn't bring up my mood. But with a salad, I, first of all, look forward to my lunch. I just get a super easy salad mix thing and then get a good dressing which I really enjoy. Second, eating healthy things like said salad actually do bring up your mood. It's fresh and can basically be like splashing water on your face EXCEPT WITH FOOD. 

10. Let Yourself Cry 

And have other emotions in general. I am by no means saying in this post that you should always be happy. No one is always happy, well, except for maybe Smiler in the Emoji Movie. And she ends up trying to take over the world. But it's okay to NOT be happy sometimes. I think some people really need to realize that. Let yourself be sad and angry and all of those things. When you bottle up your emotions, you will eventually explode and that's never pretty. But also realize your triggers and try to stay away from them. 

That was getting too long, so I had to end it. BUT if you want a part two, comment down below! I loved this post, and I hope this maybe helps some people or at the very least just lets you see into my mind. :) Also I'm thinking of doing a little update post where I share with y'all what's been happening to me lately (moving and house getting torn down and other things). Would you guys like that?

If you aren't following me on both Instagram and Bloglovin, what are you waiting for?

Shoutout to Isabel for taking these pics of me!

Did you like this post? What kind of posts would you like to see from me in the future? What are some things that make you happy? What would you add to this list? What is your favorite thing to do when you're feeling down?

Monday, February 12, 2018


My dad was telling me about a story he heard
On the radio
About how it was saying that things like teen using drugs and alcohol had gone down
I smile and nod
I know this of course as I've heard it before
I think
I add that smoking has gone down a lot as well
He nods
Then he continues and asks me why I think this
I think
And I don't really come up with anything except for just knowledge
All of the campaigns

I tell him so and he admits yes this is some of it
He asks me if I want to know the real reason
I nod and say yes of course
He says technology
Because teens would rather use their phones
Then be social
And be in situations that would lead them to do stuff like alcohol

My first thought is how in the world did they turn this into a negative thing
Then I think
Yeah that's probably true
I know for me in particular
I'm always on my phone
I have social media
I have a blog even
I'm true to the stereotype of millennials and gen zs (I'm not a millennial just btw) loving technology

Technologies nothing bad
It's anything from
The definition
Is "The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry"
Contrary to popular knowledge
No, it's not just electronics
A pencil is also technology
Just not recent technology

In history recently
We were learning vocab and technology was one of them
I think the definition there
Was "something to improve the world"
Or something along those lines
And one of my classmates
Spoke up and said no that's not true
Technology isn't good

I'm a know it all so I tell him how
First things like phones and computers aren't bad
They can have a negative impact but so can literally everything else
Second technology means literally
Like any new advancement

Use your phone
Use your computer
There amazing things
They let us talk to people from across the world (shout out to all of my internet friends!)
They let us share our thoughts
They let us look up information and facts
We never thought possible

But also be social
Hang out with friends
Talk to people
Read books
Play outside
Take a walk in the park

This year I'm going to try to do that
I'm going to try to actually enjoy things
Without feeling the need to take a picture of it
To choose friends over tv (most of the time at least)
Which is sometimes I admit I don't do
I find myself when I'm with a friend
Thinking about how just watching tv or using my computer
Would be so much better
But that's kind of sad


Monday, February 5, 2018

How I Have Time To Blog In My Daily Life + Tips For How You Can As Well

If you're a blogger or just a person who reads blogs you will know this because bloggers are very complaining creatures, blogging is really quite hard. LIKE VERY QUITE HARD.

We  have get to:

-come up with blog posts ideas
-actually write these posts
-schedule these posts or at least think of and try to keep said scedule
-actually interact with other human beings

It's a hard life ok. One of the hard things for me and I know most other people who are in school or have a job outside of blogging can relate is that sometime it's hard to find time to actually blog. With tests and homework and like social things it can be difficult to schedule blogging into my daily life. Aka what this post is about! Before we get started this is a collab with the wonderful Ella Marie from February Fairy! I absolutely love her blog and you have to check it out! She is also doing a post on how she schedules blogging into her daily life which you can check out here.  Without further ado here is how I schedule blogging into my daily life + tips for how you can as well + how to make most of your time + just general time blogging tips things. :)

How I Schedule Blogging Into My Daily Life

My typical school day is I wake up, go to school, and then come home. Once I get home I usually catch up on my instagram dm's. Then of course homework (blehhhhhhhhhh). After that I usually catch up on my feed and then post (I post everyday ya'll like you need to follow me).  Then I start working on my blog or if my parents are being annoying and making me read or do typing (they say I type wrong and they've been making me do these typing lessons it's not good *shakes head*). On weekends pretty much same expect no school of course. Honestly I've been super behind on blogging lately and keeping up with my favorite blogs (so if you haven't seen me comment in a while or if I do but just like ten days after you post that's why).

Tips And Things

1. Make A Schedule

This means know when you are going to post. I post every monday. So I know I have to work on the post over the weekend if I haven't already written it. Also make sure if you have a schedule put it on a day where you are usually free. Don't put it on a day where you have work all day where you can't respond to comments.

2. Batch Write Aka Write Posts In Advance 

I've very much behind currently don't judge me  but usually I have a lot of posts scheduled. I know lots of times people don't have that much time to write so when you do make the most out of it. Always write when you can. Also when your feeling inspired or motivated make the most of that and do things like blogging and not watching youtube. You don't need motivation to watch youtube. Trust me I know.

3. Put Other Things Aside For The Moment

When your phone is going off and your constantly checking instagram it's hard to concentrate and actually write. I know since I got a phone and instagram (follow me like shameless self promo always) I have definitely had that problem. Social media is a super good way to get your blog out there but at least when your writing let yourself write.

4. Set Your Priorities

Meaning what is important to you? When you have free time by yourself what do you want to do? It is one hundred percent ok if the answer is not blogging. That is hundred percent fine. Like I know how great that episode of the newest popular tv show is (I mean actually probably not but you know, not that you were wondering but if you were I'm watching a day at a time right now and IT'S SO GOOD).

5. Keep A List Of Blog Post Ideas + When You Have Ideas Write Them Down

I absolutely hate writers/bloggers block but it happens to the best of us. One of the biggest time wasters ever is staring at a screen doing nothing. Instead keep a running list off all of your blog post ideas. When you just have a random idea. WRITE IT DOWN. When someone comments or messages you saying that they want you to do some post WRITE IT DOWN. Writing like everything down in general is a pretty good policy.

6. Be Passionate About What You're Writing

This number one means have a niche you really like and enjoy and don't just start blogging to get money. Like just no. Second don't write posts you don't truly like and want to write! If you are passionate about what your writing it will be so much easier to write and words will just flow.

7. Make The Most Of Time You Have 

For example if you have ten extra minutes USE IT. Maybe take a picture or two or write an instagram post. If you have 30 minutes USE IT. Blogging doesn't just mean actually writing posts (which can take up quite a bit of time). Take photos, make blog graphics, do social media things, talk with people about collabs, LOTS OF THINGS.

8. Use The World Around You

For example so many of my blog posts ideas comes from my fellow bloggers (shout out to y'all your awesome). The world is full of amazing ideas and thoughts and honestly it blows my mind. Also with photos! When your out and about don't be afraid to snap a pic you might be able to use in a blog post one day! Or maybe even a whole photo shoot because I mean why not right??

Happy February you guys! It's crazy the first month of 2018 is officially over like??? Ummm what??? Again make sure to check out Ella Marie and her wonderful blog! If you ever want to collab feel free to contact me at 

Are you a blogger? If so make sure to link your blog below! What are your goals for february? What was your favorite thing you did in january? How do find time to blog? What are your biggest blogging tips? What kind of posts do you want to see from me in the future? Would you like if I did a bit of a life update post?
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