Monday, January 1, 2018

What I Did In 2017 + Goals + All Of The Things

IT'S OFFICIALLY 2018 WHAT IS LIFE?? I honestly can not pretend it all. My mind is still in 2016. I don't even know why. So I thought in honor of this awesomeness that is the new year I would list my old and new goals, and also just some stuff I did and accomplished this year. Let's get started!

*whenever I say this year I mean 2017 even though yes I know it's 2018

Some Of The Awesome Things That Happened This Year

2017 was a crazy year. From Trump getting elected to like ten natural disasters in a row to all of the terrorist stuff it was a really interesting year I want to say. Both online and offline I've noticed a trend of people saying how terrible 2017 is. That's fine. To be honest 2017 kind of was a terrible year. But if we think of it as a terrible year, then when we think back, it will be just that. Terrible. I thought it would be fun to list some super cool things that happened this year.

-The women's march which might have stemmed out of something not too great but started and created this amazing movement. The march itself was one of the biggest in history with so many awesome cities participating it kind of blew my mind. 

-The #MeToo movement which started so many of the things you see on the news about sexual harassment. It's terrible how even now people can be treated so horribly but it's so so cool to see so many come out and stand and fight.

-Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got engaged which is probably good for some actual reasons but it's mostly because there adorable together. :)

-With all of the natural disasters that happened there were so many beautiful stories of people helping one another. Houston after Harvey was crazy but everyone was helping someone if not themselves. There were people who would just drive around on trucks handing out food and fans (it's a thing). People I didn't even know would just show up and help tear out walls and pack. It makes me smile even now. 

-All of the super cool albums and songs and everything released this year are to many to count. 

-Peggy Whitson broke the record for most days spent in orbit. This is the same person who was the first women to command the International Space Station. So pretty much she's awesome. 

-Just general awesomeness of people donating and saving and breaking records. 

There are more things I could list here but it would go on forever. Lesson: there are good and bad things to almost everything but see the good and you'll be a much happier human being. 

What I Did In 2017

-I went to the women's march in Austin which was fun fact my first ever march I've been to. I think I've been to maybe 3. Before 2017 I don't think my parents were as politically involved as they are now (might have something to do with a certain president) so there talking about everything a lot more and doing stuff and it's really opened my mind and made me think. The women's march itself was awesome and it amazed me how many people came. You can find my post on that here. 

-This goes along with the thing above but I officially started calling myself a feminist and actually figured out what that meant. Before 2017 I think I called myself a feminist but not really out loud and I didn't really know what it meant.

-I went to the Dominican Republic in the summer for my aunts wedding! It was an amazing trip and my first time on an island and off of main land north america. It was so pretty and we went to the beach like every day and I'm just smiling thinking about it.

-I saw both The Beauty and the Beast and Wonder Women and The Last Jedi which were both awesome! I'm going to be posting my review of The Last Jedi soon. :)

-I started 7th grade! 7th has been a lot harder so far then 6th but I've also just been having so much much fun. :)

-We went to Marfa! If you don't know Marfa is a small pretty popular town artsy town in west Texas. It's beautiful and we went hiking one time when it was raining which wasn't too fun but overall it was a nice trip.

-The whole flooding thing.  If you didn't already know or if you are new here I did flood during Hurricane Harvey. We got about 2 feet of water in the house. At this point we're moved and have decided to actually tear down our house and build a new one which I am pretty excited about. As of right now the house is already torn down. :)

-I turned 13 and officially became a teenager! This is still kind of blowing my mind to be honest. When ever my moms says like "yeah Nabila's a teenager now" it always just makes me smile. My birthday was really nice although I didn't end up having a party this year.

-This goes along with the one above but I got an Instagram account! When I turned 13 my parents officially let me get an account mostly because I had been begging them to get me one for like years. :)

-My blog turned 4 years old on November 11 which is my blogiversary. This means that I have been now blogging for over 4 years. Like what. For some of that time mostly at the beginning I was of course inconsistent and kind of horrible. It's crazy how much my life has changed because of blogging and just to think if I hadn't started my blog. That thought to me now is just kind of terrible.

-It actually snowed this year for the first time in 8 years! Like what?? In Texas it literally never snows but it actually did and it was fabulous.

Blogging/Social Media Stats

*this is as of 12/27

GFC- 94
Pinterest- 1,185
Youtube- 24
Instagram- 223

Feel free to follow any of those by the way. I'm really active on Instagram (posting every day) and Bloglovin' is my preferred way you can follow my blog. :) 

My Goals From Last Year + Did I Complete Them

1. Have a snowball fight - I actually did complete this one! When It snowed I had a mini snowball fight with my friend. :)

2. Get 100 blog followers - I sadly didn't really complete this goal but I'm going to give myself half for this because I did complete it with bloglovin'.
3. Get straight A's - At least report card wise so far I somehow did do this although I did get a couple 90's and 91's. 7th is like a lot harder then 6th ok.
4. Have 280 dollars -Yeah I have no if I accomplished this.
5. Have a snowball fight - This is a repeat oh my gosh. I have at least gotten a bit better at grammer. *insert teary laughing face*

6. Water Balloon Fight! - Honestly I forgot if I did this or not but I'm pretty sure I did one time or another
7. Visit a new state that I haven't been to before - I didn't visit a new US state but I did go to the Dominican Republic so I'm pretty sure that counts.
8. See one of my online friends in real life - Sadly no :(
9. Exercise a lot more - I want to say yes but I really didn't. I was healthier though which I have to give myself credit for. I became a lot more aware of the food I was eating and ate a lot more veggies.
10. Do a collab post with a group of bloggers - No but I do still want to do this so seriously email me if you want to participate!
11. Draw something that actually looks slightly decent - I didn't draw like at all this year
12. Write a room tour post - I actually did do this. You can find the post here along with a video.
13. Learn more about photography - I would say half for this one because I would say I did learn a lot more but I didn't really try to learn more. Does that make sense?
14. Make more goals - Kind of
15. Make a video of some kind (music or just me talking to a camera) and then actually publish it online - This I definitely accomplished! I have uploaded a total of 12 videos this year. You can find my latest one here.
16. Make a friend at my church - I made a couple :)
17. Volunteer at 3 places - I volunteered at one place like 5 times so I think it counts
18. Become an animal lover (This was typed by my friend I am always talking about. She said I couldn't delete it. I do like animals but this is not really one of my urgent goals.) - Actually kind of

19. Paint my entire face/Get more than one henna - I don't think I did this but there was two weeks where I became kind of obsessed with stickers and might have put a bunch on face. I'm not weird OK I'm unique.
20. Get a nice camera - I didn't get this but I did get a tripod for my phone and honestly my phone with a tripod especially is probably better than most cameras.
21. Do a review/discussion post that I am proud of - I had a lot of discussion type posts I was proud of this year!
22. Read 100 books (I almost never count the books that I read but I am pretty sure I completed this goal this past year so I have decided to do it again, I love reading.) - I don't know if I completed this goal because like I said I never keep track of my books but I think I did accomplish this. :)
23. Be more grateful and content in my life. - Even with all of the crazy things that have happened this year (translation flooding) I think I have been more content. I find myself smiling a lot more and just being more positive. :)

Overall I must say I didn't complete many of my goals. Like maybe 50%?? But with all of the other things that happened this year I would stay it's a success.

2018 Goals

-Get to 150 followers on Bloglovin'
-Have 125 followers with Google Friend Connect
-Reach 400 followers on Instagram 
-Read 100 books
-Start thinking about and working towards getting into a fabulous high school
-Keep posting on here weekly
-Upload at least 5 videos to my YouTube channel
-Not be too scared to try new things
-Be content and always try to look on the bright side
-Join another club
-Start enjoying exercise and walking more
-Grow my blog and start working with more people
-Travel somewhere new 
-Start babysitting or doing some kind of job

This post turned out a lot longer then I thought it would be. Also I don't know if I've mentioned this on the blog but I did move again. Watch out for my What I Got For Christmas coming up soon!  

What are your new years resolutions? What are your goals for the new year? What's your favorite thing you've done this year? 


  1. Sounds like 2017 was a rocky year for you, particularly with Hurricane Harvey but you've had lots of great experiences too! I hope you achieve some, or even all, of your goals for 2018.

    P.S. I def think getting 100 followers on Bloglovin' counts. to be fair, I don't and I don't think many bloggers I know even use the followers thing on Blogger (it's really confuses me to be honest ahah).

    Lexie x

    1. I think that that is the perfect way to describe my year actually. Aww thank you! I hope I can achieve them as well. :)

      Yeah I've decided it counts (mostly for my ego but whatevs)! The blogger follower thing is always messing up and being annoying. This year I've decided I'm really just going to go by bloglovin' mostly.

  2. Hahaha, my mind is still in 2014 sometimes. Struggles.
    I'm one of those people who say 2017 was horrible, but that's because of personal reasons. I didn't even notice half of the things that you listed happening, that's how focused I was on getting my own life sorted out... Kinda sad to be honest...
    You did so well on your goals and did so many fun things this past year! I think 2018 will be even better for you, I mean, look at those stats!
    Oh, and Happy New Year ;)

    x Envy
    Lost in Translation

  3. It looks like you had a wonderful year and I hope you have an even better 2018! Hope you reach all your goals!

  4. Well done for accomplishing so much!

    My reading resolutions are mainly to do with reading (read 62 books this year) and writing (write and plot two first drafts). And some language learning as well.

    I hope you have a really productive year!

    1. Thanks Grace! I tried. :)

      That's a lot. Ooooh what language are you trying to learn?

      Thanks! Same to you!

  5. Happy New Year! I am wishing you the best to come this year! You are so close to reaching 100 on here! Your goals were fun to look at!
    Simply Me

  6. I recommend starting a Goodreads reading challenge for keeping track of the books you read.
    My biggest goal for 2018 is to learn to drive.

    1. I actually just started a goodreads a couple days ago! I''l make sure to link in in tomorrows post!
      That's so cool! I hope you accomplish your goal. :)


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