Monday, January 8, 2018

14 Easy Ways To Make Money As A Teen

Hellllllllooooo. It is Nabila here back with another post. :) So I know all kids/teens have this problem. We need money to do/get things like:

-restaurant with friends
-decor things
-cute stationary
-presents for other people

Pretty much just in general life it's quite nice to have money. The problem though is that until you hit 16 (I think that's the rule in most places not really sure) you can't apply for an actual job which is the main way people earn money. Buuuuttt do not despair in today's post I'm going to list some fun and easy ways (14 to be precise) to make money! This is mainly geared towards ages 8 to around 15 but will definitely also work for older peeps. Let's. Get. Started!

1. Chores

I know that personally my parents don't pay me to do chores but lots of parents do. If you don't currently have chores first of all I'm totally jealous but second any parent I'm pretty sure would be happy to give there kids chores around the house for a reasonable fee. 

2. Clean someone elses house

If your well respected in your neighborhood and have some people you know then cleaning is a good way to make money. Cleaning services can cost quite a lot but almost everyone cares about cleanliness and having a helper for a low price is pretty appealing for lots of people.

3. Help an adult with technology things

You know how teens and kids usually know more stuff about technology then adults? Yeah you can easily use that to your advantage. Maybe just give a class or something for your family members or maybe if someone you know has a business or company offer to be a social media manager (I do this for my mom). 

4. Babysit

Yes yes yes this is cliche but it's a good way to make money. If you have family members or friends/acquaintances with young children than babysitting is perfect. You can babysit on nights and weekends and in the summer. I would recommend this to anyone who likes little kids (aka me if any of you guys know me on real life and live in Houston and need someone to babysit feel free to contact me). 

5. House sit/water plants

If your neighbors/friends ever goes out of town and need someone to watch there house this is perfect. Watering plants isn't hard and doesn't take that much time.

6. Pet sit

If you love animals then pet sitting is perfect. If you know someone who's going out of town or even just going to be gone for a day offer to petsit. Depending on the pet though it might be a bit hard as lost of pets need constant care. 

7. Dog walker

Pretty much an easier version of pet sitting. Lots of people who have dogs but maybe don't have time to walk there dogs would love someone to do it for them and this could become a multiple times a week job that can definitely pile up over time. 

8. Social media

Teens are at the center of everything new and cool and awesome and most of that happens on social media. Like the time I spend on Instagram a day is probably not healthy. Haha. Why don't we try to put all of that time to good use? There are lots of ways to make a profit on social media from brand sponsorship to just plain ads to everything else. Reach out to a company and don't be afraid to talk to people. It helps. :)

9. Blogging 

Ok so I don't personally make money from blogging but I definitely want to. It's kind of taboo and some people thing making money off of things like blogging and social media is bad but I personally find that stupid. Yeah blogging should be for fun but making some money off of it definitely doesn't make it not fun. Like some peoples whole jobs is just to be a blogger. I find that incredibly cool.  Soooo if your already a blogger then look up how to make money as a blogger. There are so many ways from affiliate to brand things to so much more. If your not already a blogger you should totally start one! I am always open to helping people start blogs so definitely reach out to me!

10. Car wash
Most adults (or other teens for that matter) want there car clean so you can make some actual money from this. Pllllluuuusss it can be fun with friends. If you have someone you know offer to wash there car or maybe set up a thing near your house.

11. Lemonade stand

This is also super cliche but it one hundred percent works and can also be fun with friends. If you want to be all fancy you can use actual lemons but you can easily just get the powder stuff and make a whole container of it. Then you really just need a table and a chair and your pretty much set.

12. Online shop

I know so many bloggers who have things like etsy shops or just shops on there blogs. They sell things like bookmarks, blog designs, shirts, and everything else. If your crafty then an etsy shop is perfect as you can make cool stuff and make money on it and just feel generally awesome BECAUSE YOU HAVE A SHOP WHICH IS COOL. 

13. Fiverr

So I found this site a little while ago and actually it's pretty cool. Pretty much it's a site where you can sign up and offer a service for $5+. You can do anything from graphic design, drawing, or writing. I haven't used it but I've looked into it and it overall seems like a good way to use your hobbies to get money. :)

14. Tutoring

If your good at a certain subject at school and have some extra time on your hands then tutoring is perfect. There are lots of parents who would love someone to tutor there kids and this is even better if your known to be smart. Some schools have tutoring program things you can sign up for but there are also lots of websites online and probably neighbors in your area. 

Oh and I'm totally willing to do any of these things and I'm broke so if you like know me in real life feel free to come talk to me or message me or any of those things. I need money OK. DO NOT JUDGE ME. Haha. Annnnnnyyyywwwwayyyyy make sure to follow me on bloglovin' and Instagram if you haven't already! Also I recently actually started using my goodreads so I would love to see you guys on there as well. :)
How did you guys like this post? How do you usually make money? What would you add to this list? What posts would you like to see from me in the future?


  1. EEEEEP I really enjoyed this post! It was super helpful and I'm definitely going to check out that Fiverr site- it's something I've been searching for. :)

    Great job!

    xx Kenzie

    1. Ahhh I'm so happy you you liked it!! It always makes me happy when people say I've helped them. :) Yeah you should check it out it's cool!

      Thank you Kenzie!

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    1. I'm happy you liked it! Will definitely check out your blog. :)

  3. Hi I loved reading this blog, such good, interesting ideas, be sure sure to check ot my blog:

    Thanks so much!


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