Monday, December 31, 2018

2018 Recap

It's New Year's Eve and let me just say woah. THIS YEAR WENT BY REALLY FAST ESPECIALLY THE SCHOOL YEAR LIKE WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED HELP. As I've done in past years (2016 and 2017!) I thought I would do a fun recap of the year. Basically listing some stuff that happened to me this year. :) These posts are always fun to make, so I hope you enjoy ittttttttt. This year though I'm doing my goals separately! Look forward to a post on looking back on goals and new goals and stuff soon. :)

-Women's March which was super cool like last year 


-My elementary school got torn down :(

-My old house also got torn down
-Did yearbook (sadly not in it anymore cause of scheduling problems *cries*)
-Went to Marfa and Big Bend for spring break 

-Got into NJHS + was elected vice president for student council
-Got to read something I wrote on the radio
-I lived in the 3rd ward in Houston for a while (after the flood) which was really interesting but right after the break (not sure if this was in 2018 but I don't know I'm counting it) we moved into the house we live in now. It's a lot nicer and is closer to school and stuff which is so much better. Hopefully, by the end of 2019, I can say we're in our new new house (being built now!!!).
-The march for our lives happened! More and more (young) people got into politics and activism and it was super cool. 

-Started posting more on youtube
-Celebrated the end of the school year by hanging with lots of friends

-Did a little engineering camp and both built and programmed a robot 

-Celebrated 4th of July and got a cool photo of lightning and fireworks

-Spent a lot of my summer with my grandparents in South Carolina 
-Some of which was spent in Greenville!

-Caught lots of fish and was on the boat lots and lots while I was there
-Got to come home and see the beginnings of the house 

-Went to the miller outdoor theatre at lottttttt

-Hung out with lots of friends over summer
-Started 8th grade and my last year of middle school 

-Got to spend my birthday in New Orleans

-Had a fun scavenger hunt birthday party

-Started Karate 
-Spent a lot of time at the construction house 

-Also started Algebra (aka torture)
-Was elected historian for NJHS

-Thought a lot about life 
-Did The Best Christmas Pageant Ever and played Maxine and did a UIL competition and advanced to District!  

-Got my gold belt in Karate 

-Did lots of student council and NJHS stuff
-Met Jason Reynolds and got his new book

-Did a whole month of collabs for my blogiversary 
-Applied and decided where I'm going to high school 
-Lots of gifts and gift giving and white elephants and holiday parties


-Hit 1.5 k on Instagram 
-Hit 180 on Bloglovin'
-Hit 1.5k on Pinterest 
-Hit 120 on Youtube
-Hit 1.3k email subscribers
-Hit 120 blogger followers

I hope y'all have an absolutely awesome 2019 and that you had an awesome 2018! 

What's something cool you did in 2018?

Monday, December 24, 2018

Renaissance Festival 2018 | Photo Diary

I got to go to the renaissance festival recently and it was so fun!! A friend brought me with her fam and another friend. If you don't know the renaissance festival is basically this festival set in the time of the Renaissance and it's all old-timey and there are shows and stores and people dress up and it's so great!! I thought I would bring y'all along on my day. :)

I also did a little vlog of the trip! Make sure to check that out if you haven't already! 

The place itself was soooo cool to look at and I got some really cool pics. There were trees and decorations and stuff everywhere. :)

This was a singing group from a school! The choir from my school actually went as well but not while I was there. :)

I thought this building looked so cool!


My costume was super last minute cause I was told I was going like 20 minutes before we left. I decided I was going to be a hunter. I got all brown and I had my boots and that shirt and it was cool. I also had a nerf gun bow to make it actually huntery but I decided to leave it in the car cause I didn't want to carry it around lol.

One of the shows we watched was this one called The Dead Bob Show. It was really fun and I would recommend if you ever got the chance to see it. 

I posted this on my insta and people seemed to really like it. I think it's cute as well. :) Shoutout to Lydia for taking it. 

The wall around where they did jousting. 

One of the shops was this adorable art one! I saw these characters from Sword Art Online (aka a great anime) and I decided I had to check it out haha. All of them were by this teen girl and I talked to her and she was so nice. My sister ended up buying three little prints from her. They were all adorable!

We did the maze! Lydia and I went together and my sister and her two friends went together and we totally beat them haha. 

Lydia had a cape and dagger for her outfit.

I decided not to do it but the other people did this giant swing. When they were doing it they sang the I believe I can fly song and they choreographed it in advance and it was actually the best thing in the world. I got it on camera so check out the youtube video for that.

There was this amazing water show! She was like a statue but she was a person and there was water spouting from her hands and it was just generally gorgeous. 

All of the friends. My little sis was a dragon lady, Lydia's little sis was the unicorn, and the friend Layla was something with an ax. I kind of forgot what????

We were walking through the little garden path and there were a bunch of fun little places to stop. 

I thought this was a pretty shot of Lydia.

Gabby and her unicorn mother haha. 

This little building was really pretty. It was like an event place I think and I guess they actually have weddings there. 

Near the end of the day, we went to see the joust! The guy on our side won which was pretty cool. 

We got a little snack so of course funnel cake!


Light and dark. 

We also went through this 3d haunted house. It was realllllllly cool and not necessarily scary but really interesting. 

This family was so cute so I had the snap a pic. It's the whole pokemon gang. 

We thought this chair was the coolest so everyone needed to of course take a pic on it haha.

I hoped you liked that! I had soooo much fun at the festival. If you haven't already make sure to check out the vlog and while you're there feel free to subscribe. :)

Have you ever been to a renaissance festival? Do you want to? What's your favorite festival you've been to in the past?

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