Thursday, December 21, 2017

People Watching

Lots of times I find myself watching people
Figuring out
Why are you here
What are you doing
What is your relationship with the person you are with
People are such interesting beings
Everyone has a story
A reason of being places
And sometimes it's fun to just figure it out
Sometimes I try to figure out what you're talking about
From far away
Using body language
And how you look
What your wearing
Lots of steryotypes
But it interests me
Is that creepy

Oh also side not we just moved and don't really have internet so yeah its annoying. Comment down below what your doing for Christmas! 


  1. I people watch all the time too. It's just so much fun to guess where they came from and what the story behind them is. Great point!

  2. To you and your entire family, HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!!


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