Thursday, December 14, 2017

"Do Your Best"

Everyone says to "do your best" and that "that's what really matters" 
But what if my best isn't good enough?
You say that if I try then I'll be fine
For some people yeah that might be true
But guess what
Some people just aren't that great at school or reading or writing
So they ask you for help
And you give them a pep talk and tell them to 

                                                         "do there best"

This might make the person smile as many things do 
Hey sometimes it even helps
Key word sometimes
But then again us humans are quite fragile creatures
We almost never believe that we can do what we want so we don't
For me though

                                                          Not so much

I know what I want to do but I know I can't
Because I'm me
That's all I am
I'm not even entirely sure what that means
Except that I'm incapable of doing what I want to do
And fulfilling my dreams
Some people can write a paragrapgh
Or a whole essay even
On who they are, and what they do, and what they like
But me

                                                       I don't think I'll ever be able to

-A voice inside my head

Don't freak out no that was not me and no I don't think most of those things it was more like a character in my head. Does that make any sense at all whatsoever? First of all if your confused why I'm posting on a Thursday then please refer back to this post where I basically explain that I will be doing more posts like this and that sometimes I will post on Thursday. With that out of the way back to explaining this super depressing post! So I was thinking this person maybe has a physical or mental illness that prevents them from doing what they want. Do you get it? Maybe? Also updates. First I'm moving again which is very bleh. We found a house closer to school that were going to stay in before our new house is finished. So that's cool. Second I'm officially at 200 followers on Instagram which makes me really happy. :) :) Would love for all of you guys to follow me!

Do you like posts like this? Should I do more posts like this? What did you first think when you read this? What do you think this person backstory if/reason for thinking this way?

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