Monday, December 25, 2017

23 Things I Love About Christmas + Snowing In Texas

CHRISTMAS IS TODAY YOU GUYS. I am like not an OK human being right now. Christmas means so much to me and everyone else and just the world. It is pretty much the most anticipated day of the year except for New Years Eve which is saying a lot OK. Like oh my gosh. I'm at my grandmothers house right now and I'll be doing a haul either on Thursday or in two weeks. So I thought in honor of this awesome holiday I would do a fun little list of all of the things THAT I LOVE ABOUT CHRISTMAS.

Ok but first you might have heard that it snowed in Texas recently it actually snowed. LIKE IT ACTUALLY SNOWED HERE. I just realized I haven't posted about it yet so yeah here is my little snow story.

For some of you snow might not be that amazing. You might live in a place like Canada or New York or some place cold like that where it snows every year. It might even be annoying to you. Well you see in Houston it hasn’t snowed for eight years and even then it was really ice. But it actually snowed today and I kind of freaked out because I’ve never really seen snow (like the powdery beautiful version, I've seen snow but it was really just ice) so this was my first actual real life snow. My parents woke me up at 11 at night because they had seen snow falling. I was half asleep at this point but I still freaked out. When I woke up (like in the morning) I went outside and looked out the window and I saw that all of the cars and the floor and everything was covered in snow and I screamed at this point and everyone came running. Even my mom freaked out because even though she had seen the snow she didn’t think it would stick. I immediately went outside after getting my shoes on and just played in the snow and it was like my childhood dreams of waking up to snow coming true and it was the best thing. It was also kind of freezing though so I had to go back inside and put on my jacket. Annoyingly the school district decided that they didn’t want to cancel school. I personally think that this was a stupid decision because this was the first snow in eight years which means that some people here have never even seen snow like even the ice form but of course they’re like "no we’re still going to have school because we’re annoying idiots and we like to make kids not be able to play in the snow" so that was annoying. ANYWAY we drove to school and I played with my friends. I had a freaking amazing day.

Sorry I had to include that. Now on to the actual post. :)

1. Everything. I mean Christmas is pretty awesome. 
2. Brownies that my grandmother bakes. They are pretty much the best things on the planet. Like not kidding. Especially when they are warm. 
3. Time with family. Just hanging out and seeing everyone. I have a lot of family that lives near me but there like 3rd cousins and all of my aunts and uncles and grandparent live pretty far away so it's really nice to see everyone. Fun fact this has nothing to do with anything but when my aunt got engaged she and her fiance came to Houston to see my mom and my grandparents. They were here on my birthday and the fiance actually got me a present and like no one else did and I decided I liked him that day. Turns out he's actually really cool and nice. If your reading this your awesome uncle Anthony!
4. Time off from school. Vacations are the best. Winter break is really needed at least for me. At school right before the holidays are super stressful because we have tests and report cards and it's just bleh.


5. Child like excitement when I'm opening a present or doing something else along those lines. It's just beautiful. I'm one of those people that when you give me something I will maybe be overly excited just because it makes me so happy. On Christmas it's my regular weird self plus the whole Christmas spirit thing. 
6. Getting to see family I usually don't see. :) :)
7. The cold weather that comes along with the season. I do secretly like the cold even though I'll always complain about it. 

8. Everyone is just nicer. The Christmas season at least to me is all about giving and being joyful and kind and nice and just an awesome human being. It's really cool to see people donate and do stuff like that. Plus people just seem happier. 
9. Christmas music and singing along to it all month long. Christmas music, all though many people will complain, is actually really good!
10. Sweaters. Ugly sweaters, cute sweaters, any sweaters. Just sweaters in general. When it's cold just snuggling up in a sweater is so nice! 
11. Christmas trees. The Christmas tree is one of the symbols of Christmas. Like once you put up the tree it is officially Christmas season. It's so fun to decorate the tree. 

12. The chance of snow. We never get snow (except for this year of course) but it's just that excitement and thought that maybe snow might come that just makes me so happy!
13. Just all of the lights especially in town near the shops and stuff. Also just like in the neighborhood. When you see other people decorating there house it's a sense of community and it reminds you of Christmas. It's just overall fun. 
14. Hot chocolate and pretty much any of other warm drink. On a cold night just snuggling with a cover on and a warm mug in your hand is the best feeling!

15. Christmas parties! These past two years I've gone to my youth groups white elephant parties and there really fun! I got these fuzzy socks that I have been wearing every day for the past week or so. Like not kidding. Haha. 
16. Desserts meaning cake, brownies, and actual Christmas themed desserts I can't really think of right now. 
17. Stockings and waking up in the morning and just opening my stocking and getting small cute things. My grandmother (she is so cool) made me and my sisters and my parents each these super cute stockings and there really festive and have our names on them. Be jealous!

18. Ice skating. I think ice skating for me is a very romantic idea in my mind and then when I first start it's fun but then my feet start hurting and then it's just annoying... But for those first few minutes I love it. :) Also I've watched some videos of people dancing on skates and it's so pretty! 
19. Randomly singing Christmas songs in class.  Don't ask I'm weird. :) I actually did do this though the other day. It was the day that it snowed and I was just feeling very in the mood so I started singing "Let It Snow" and my friend joined in. It was during group work time and everyone was being super loud so no one really noticed but it was cool. 

20. Gingerbread everything. Ok so fun fact I've actually never made a gingerbread man or a ginger bread house that I can remember. But it's like ice skating as it is like this romantic idea about Christmas to make one of those gingerbread man cookies and decorate it. 
21. Food in general. Food is just good you guys. I mean it is. From Christmas dinner to just the general excess of sweets everyone has, it's an overall good food season. 
22. Christmas pictures. Instagram has ruined me. :) But seriously just Christmas and winter photos in general are just so pretty. With Christmas trees and lights and snow it's beautiful!

23. Going to see movies. I don't get to see movies (like in theaters) often but when I do it's usually around Christmas. This is for two reasons. Number one I'm always with my extended family for Christmas and family means people who will take me to the movies and buy me tickets. Number two a lot of movies come out during Christmas time probably because of reason one. I remember when the second hunger games movie came out (best one of the series) I went with a bunch of my aunts and uncle and I was the only kid and it just made me feel so happy. Both because I was the only kid and I felt mature and also because the movies awesome! 

CHRISTMAS IS THE BEST! I want to hear all of the things you love about Christmas and what your doing for Christmas and what you got/gave and just everything! ALL OF THE CHRISTMAS THINGS! Comment down below!  


  1. Merry Christmas! This list in great. Time off school and a little bit of snow mixed with joyful people, family, friends, and yummy food makes the holidays the best!

    1. Merrrrry Christmas Vanessa! They really do. :)

  2. WHERE DID IT SNOW IN TEXAS?????? I HAVEN'T SEEN SNOW *wails* *falls out* *is dramatically sad*

    1. Do you live in Texas? I live in Houston and I think it snowed in San Antonio and Austin as well. I'm sorry you didn't get snow but I hope you do soon. :)

  3. I think time with family is my favorite part about Christmas! And all of the traditions that we have!

    1. Yeah time with family also has to be my favorite thing about Christmas! I just love spending time with everyone. Oh and family traditions are fun to. :)

  4. Merry late Christmas! I am so happy you were able to experience snow! We had some for Christmas too - nearly half an inch - which is nothing for my state but still like a Hallmark movie to be able to experience it during the Holidays.
    Much love,

    1. Aww merry late Christmas Kara! That sounds so pretty! :)

  5. Love your post dear ♥ Your blog is amazing !
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    1. Awww thank you so much! I'll definitely go check out your blog. :)

  6. Merry Christmas (although it's closer to New Year's now - eek!) This is such a lovely roundup post, and isn't snow just amazing! The UK had some this year too, for the first time in about 5 years!

    Paige xo // The Joys of Being Paige

    1. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years! Just happy holidays in general. :) That's so cool! I love snow!

  7. Hi! Your blog is so pretty! You just earned a little follow!

    1. Awww thank you so much Noel! I'm excited to see you more on my blog. :) :)

  8. My friends who used to live up where I live are also pretty surprised that it snowed down in Houston (where they now live at) and it's insane! AGH! I hope 2018 treats you well, Nabila!

    xoxo Abigail Lennah | ups & downs


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