Monday, December 18, 2017

111 Things I Want For Christmas | Teen Wishlist

IT IS OFFICIALLY CHRISTMAS IN ONE WEEK THIS IS NOT A DRILL. Soooo yeah as you oh so clearly tell I'm totally not at all freaking out and one hundred percent sane right now. Maybe. Or maybe that's just what I'm telling myself. Haha. OH ALSO IT SNOWED IN TEXAS AND HOUSTON AND WHAT. LIKE IT HASN'T SNOWED HERE IN 8 YEARS. I'M GONNA INCLUDE PICTURES AND STUFF IN THE NEXT POST but if you want to see all of the pics now check out my InstagramSo since I thought since Christmas is in a week WHICH IS FREAKING CRAZY I would grace you all with what I want for this marvelous holiday. So just up front I'm mostly doing this post so that everyone who hasn't already bought me a present doesn't have the excuse of "I didn't know what to get you". You know that excuse. It's quite annoying. But allllllsssssooo this could be inspo for you for your wishlist or if you are getting a present for someone in my age range (13 year old girl) this could also be like inspo for what to get. SEE I'M A VERY HELPFUL HUMAN.

*photo cred to pinterest which everyone should by the way follow me on just by the way

1. Money 
2. Everything purple
4. Phone Tripod
5. Regular Tripod
6. Chokers

Saturn choker, 90s grunge, 90's, planet choker, charm choker, space choker necklace, black choker, boho, grunge choker, celestial, tumblr

7. Any ya or middle grade books
8. Turtles all the way down to be more specific
9. Wonder movie ticket
10. Gift cards in general
11. itunes gift card
12. Target gift csrd
13. Purple hair dye 
14. Cute shirts

Happy 7th Birthday, Her Universe! I can’t believe it’s already been 7 years! To think that when I first started this blog 5 years ago, I only had a handful of women’s geeky shirts…

15. Geeky shirts (and jackets)
16. Most t-shirts 
17. Any of the shirts with the holes in the sleeves which by the way is now a trend but I was doing it in 3rd grade
18. Feather earrings 
19. Owl earrings 
20. Hoop earrings 
21. Other earrings 

Small Earring Set of Three Mix and Match by WildFawnJewellery

22. Pins
23. Pins
24. Grace Vanderwall merch/any cool persons merch 
25. Cute headphones

Skinnydip x Zara Martin de Urban Outfitters, un casque au design simple et minimaliste pour les amoureux des chats.

26. Jackets 
27. One of those long sweaters 
28. Ear cuffs
29. Cute sweaters 

Cozy Cable Knit Cardigan Sweater

30. New computer 
31. Tablet 
32. Iphone
33. Ipad
34. Kindle fire
35. Really any electronic 
36. Wolf phone case
37. Cute phone case

Marble Case in Rose, Smoked Coral, Geode & Northern Lights from Elemental Cases. Shop Cases for iPhone 6/6s, 6 Plus/6s Plus, 7 & 7 Plus now!

38. Pop socket 
39. Tennis shoes
40. Boots
41. Converses
42. Flats 
43. Gladiator sandals 

That's a Wrap Sandal - Camel from UOI Boutique. #brown #sandals. Shop more products from UOI Boutique on Wanelo.

44. An experience 
45. A trip somewhere 
46. A cool class/workshop
47. Like photography 
48. Or theater 
49. Cat ears 

Cute black ribbon wrapped pastel peach flower cat ears headband Kawaii in Clothes, Shoes & Accessories, Women's Accessories, Hair Accessories | eBay

50. Cool and cute backpack 
51. One of those fluffy things that are like key chains things 
52. Most fluffy things actually 
53. Cute pillows that would look good on the beds 
54. Another ear piercing 
55. One of those cute mini backpacks 

Casual College Style Mint Green Backpack for only $29.99 ,cheap Fashion Backpacks - Fashion Bags online shopping,Casual College Style Mint Green Backpack is suitable for leisure occassion such as shopping, small gathering

56. Microphone that can connect to computer 
57. General recording equipment 
58. A good video editor software 
59. Money for blogging things 
60. Stickers 
61. Temporary tattoos 
62. Unlimited poke (one of the best foods ever just by the way)
63. Unlimited food in general 
64. Room decor

*Teen rooms*

65. Candle 
67. Pens 
68. All of the fall things 
69. Healthy food things 
70. Costume 
71. Candy 
72. Caramel 
73. Brownies 
74. Milky ways 
75. Fandom necklaces 
76. Pretty necklaces 
77. Bracelets

Pura Vida | Save 20% with coupon code ‘KARAJ28’ | Woven hand-made bracelets from Costa Rica | Portion of each sale goes towards charity!

78. Bracelets 
79. And more bracelets 
80. Concert tickets 
81. Tickets to see any cool human beings 
82. Like youtubers 
83. Like jessie peage 
84. Or dodie 
85. Or Grace Vanderwall (or wait I forgot I ALREADY HAVE THAT BE JEALOUS OF ME)
86. Books 

78. Books 
88. And more books
89. Romper
90. Jumper

Adorable navy romper with a cinched waistline and a keyhole on the back!

91. Bathing suit
92. Flower crown 
93. Infinity scarf  

Simple crocheted infinity scarf eight layers high, using a half-double crochet stitch. LOVE this scarf!

94. Movie tickets (mostly wonder which I really want to go see!!) 
95. Nail stickers 
96. Dark lipstick 
97. Fluffy socks 
98. Quote wall art 
99. Mini succulents

Miniature cuteness!!!  DIY Mini Pallet with succulents just uploaded on our YT/FB!

100. Tassel wall 
101. The cool mini camera things that you put on the phone 
102. Finger less gloves 
103. Polaroid 
104. Over the shoulder bags 
105. Portable phone charger 
106. Hoodie 
107. Planner 
108. Pajamas 

I love these pajamas :) I just want a matching set. Website has cute sets

109. Hair ties with cool designs 
110. Really anything from target
111. Life and happiness and friendship and family 

So that was a long list. Was it a bad thing that I didn't take me that long?? I'm like a greedy human being. Haha. Annnnnyyywaaayy hope this list helps! I like looking at lists like this when I'm trying to figure out what to get people. I'm like the worst at gifts because I can never remember anything (pretty sure I'm related to dory). 

What do you want for Christmas? What is something on your general wishlist? What are you doing for the holidays? Any fun plans? 


  1. Haha you can discreetly lead any and all family/ friends here. Make this list their browser homepage and your in business! ;)This list gave me some great ideas for my teen sister!
    Simply Me

    1. That was one of the base reasons I wanted to write this post. Haha. To get all of my friends/family to get me what I want. :) :)

  2. That is a really long list. Mine has about 6 things on it.

    1. Yeah! My friends say I'm entitled because I can think of this much but I just say I'm creative. :) Haha. Thanks for commenting!

  3. Well I've done a whole separate post on my Christmas wishlist, so I won't go through it all again here but the main things are a bag and some earrings. This wishlist is so cool, and I love those photos (Pinterest is the best!).

    Lexie x

    1. Yeah I really want some new earrings too! I saw your wishlist post and it's really cool! Thanks! Yeah Pinterest is the best. :) :)

  4. I love your list! I'm all for geeky stuff or books - lots of books. <3


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