Monday, October 16, 2017

My Goals For Fall

I am a whole month late for fall AND IT'S KIND OF KILLING ME. Last year I am not even kidding I did 10-15 fall-related posts but this year I am behind. When I was coming up with this post I was thinking of fall blog post ideas but it seems like I have already done all of them. Like seriously. I even have a post with 31 blog post ideas and I still couldn't think of anything. Finally, I decided to list some of my goals for fall even though I'm like a month late. Actually though even though I count fall as October and September, officially fall starts at the end of September and ends sometime in December so I'm not like that late. Kind of. Maybe. I don't know.

 doctor who confused david tennant uncomfortable anyway GIF

Let's get started!

1. Get a pretty fall photo

I mean you can't go through fall without getting some kind of orangy leaf photo. I love fall colors and I kind of want to just have a full fall photoshoot.

This photo is originally found in this post. 

2. Carve a pumpkin

Or at least have a pumpkin somewhere. The insides of the pumpkin are actually kind of disgusting but the outcome is cool.

3. Make a fall-themed video on my channel 

I started a youtube channel recently and most of the videos are kind of terrible but they are improving. Kind of. But I'm thinking of doing like a 5 cute and comfy fall outfit ideas video. Comment down below if you like that idea!

4. Get into student council
I have been wanting to do student council since I knew it was a thing and I already applied now I just have to wait and figure out if I got in.

5. Survive UIL

This year I am in the theatre UIL class and even though it's super cool I'm also very very scared about it. UIL is basically like a competition and they have it for pretty much everything from sports to academics including theatre. I was cast as an understudy but a couple weeks ago my teacher told me that if we were to go on in the competition then I would actually be the one acting and its like super confusing.

6. Play in the leaves

This is so steryotypecly fall but it's also something that I like really want to do. In Houston weather wise it's pretty much fall until spring but leaf wise it's almost like none of the leaves change color and if they do it's usually because they are dead or at least look dead so we almost never get the cool leaf changing color pile thing. It's kind of annoying.

7. Read more books than usual

I feel like fall should be that cozy season where you curl up with a good book, a blanket, and a mug of hot herbal tea. For me, that is like my dream so I'm going to try to read more. During the summer I got super behind on my reading but with school and also Name That Book coming up I really need to read more.

8. Do Halloween

What I mean by this is actually get a costume and go trick or treating. With Harvey, everything is a lot more complicated but I am pretty sure we are going to go trick or treating although I'm still not sure what I am going to wear.

9. Do some kind of fall DIY

I did this garland thing last year and I am not even kidding I just haven't taken it down. Since I am in a new house though and a new room and I want to do something else and also just make the room more festive. Comment down below what DIY you think I should do!

10. Be more conscious of what I eat

I have been trying to be a lot more healthy lately and I would say I am partly succeeding but I want to try to continue that into this new season. I love food but sometimes that can lead to me eating a lot of food and not even realizing how much or not realizing the flavor so I also want to slow down when I eat.

11. Get a fall sweater

Sadly during the flood, I lost all of my jackets and sweaters which kind of annoyed me. One of my friends is letting me borrow one of her hoodies for things like school but I really want one of those cozy and big fall sweaters. In case you like, know me in real life and want to buy me a present this is a fabolous idea.

12. Eat lots of soup

Soup is by far one of my favorite types of food PRETTY MUCH EVER and it is perfect for the cooler months. Soup is simple, makes you warm, and can also be super healthy since a lot of soups are vegetarian but also taste amazing.

I love fall so much, it is by far one of my favorite seasons for just about ten million reasons. Haha. Make sure to follow my blog using either the little button to the left side of this post or using Bloglovin'. 

What is your favorite season? Do you enjoy fall? What are some of your goals for fall? What is your favorite thing about fall? 



  1. I love all of these points!

    And I think the outfit idea for your YouTube channel is a great idea. :)

    1. Thanks Gray! I'm so happy you like that idea! I'm hopefully going to film it sometime next week. :)

  2. Two things about this post struck me. The calories and eating healthy thing - You and me both!

    Then the sweaters thing. That's what you call a "trigger" for someone like me. Something NEEDS to be done. The thing is ... what? If only there were some sort of list or something, ya know? Kind of a place where a suitable thing of an appropriate size could be listed. If only!

  3. Sweaters are the best. I'm wearing one right now, actually.
    Fall outfit ideas sounds great! One of my goals is to get more fall-colored jewelry.

    1. SWEATERS ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST! Houston has been surprising me lately and being actually cold so I have been wearing a lot of sweater lately and totally loving it!

  4. Oh my goodness, fall sweaters and reading in the cooler weather are the best things! You should try pumpkin oatmeal or pumpkin soup, those are some of my favorite fall meals. <3 :)

    1. YES! Sweaters and reading are like those just fall things that I love probably way to much for it to be actually healthy. :) Those both sound super good! I love oatmeal so I would be totally interested in trying a fall version. <3

  5. Fall (or autumn as we call it) is for sure my favourite season of all time. I just really love the feel of it! Great post, Nabila.

    - Edie

    1. Thanks Edie! I love fall so much! It's just like everything about it just seems very warm and cozy. :)

  6. Can you believe I've never carved a pumpkin in my life! hahahah I really want to do that!:)

  7. These are some fabulous goals! I love fall sweaters and am so sorry you lost yours! That's awful. I hope you get one or two soon! And good luck on your goals!

    Ella Marie